Easytiiger – “Lazy Sessions 01”



Easytiiger has just put out a compilation album titled “Lazy Sessions 01” featuring a compilation of disco/soul/EDM songs recorded and mixed onto vinyl (but also uploaded to SoundCloud) by Carlos Costa and the duo San Y Mayo all in one Sunday afternoon. There are no cuts or edits made to this album. Everything is left exactly as it was done that lazy afternoon.

“Lazy Sessions 01” is a fascinating pseudo-Alice in Wonderland experience. The first track takes you down the rabbit hole and from there you are taken on a wild journey. There are a variety of musical styles featured on “Lazy Sessions 01”. Despite the differences though, the way in which the songs are mixed together makes it feel as though they are all a part of one large musical tapestry. It is an album that you have to just listen to all the way through because of how the songs blend together and how one song begins while another one is just ending. It is kind of like a Pink Floyd record in that sense. The songs are all meant to work together. All in all for an album that was put together in just one afternoon it sounds well constructed.