Electric Light Orchestra – “One Step At a Time”


It is no secret by now that Jeff Lynne’s Electric Light Orchestra (aka ELO) are putting out a new album. So far they have put out two singles to promote it and now today a third: “One Step At a Time” (which can be listened to below via YouTube). The new album “Alone in the Universe” will be available on November 13th via Columbia Records.

“One Step At a Time” definitely has many of Lynne’s classic pop rock sensibilities wrapped up into it. At the same time however, the rhythm and synth mixed in give it a slightly more modern disco kind of vibe. The melodies from both vocals and guitar are impeccable. Despite Lynne’s progressing age he sounds just as good as he did in the 70’s in songs like “Mr. Blue Sky”. Stereogum goes into further detail, saying:

Their new album Alone In The Universe is out next month, and we’ve posted the early singles “When I Was A Boy” and “When The Night Comes.” We now get to hear a third, “One Step At A Time,” which has a lot of the same warmth and grandeur as Lynne’s older work.

From what we have heard so far it seems as though “Alone in the Universe” should hold up just fine with the rest of the ELO catalog. I know I’m pretty stoked to hear the rest of it.


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