Elite Gymnastics is Now “Dead Girlfriends”

James Brooks, the face behind Elite Gymnastics, decided to change his outfit’s name and focus. Now instead of mixing everything in the same pot, he’ll be bringing it on with his voice and his lyrics. Here’s Brooks’ explanation for the change of heart and the new name:

“We have been asked, by many people in the societies in which we live, to accept that we women are making progress. You see, because you see our presence in these places that we weren’t before. And those of us who are berated for being radical have said: that is not the way we measure progress. You see, we count the dead bodies. We count the numbers of rapes. We count the women who are being battered. We keep track of the children who are being raped by their fathers. And when *those* numbers start to change in a way that is meaningful, we will then talk to you about whether or not we can measure progress.”

Tag Brum
Tag Brum
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