EP Review: AMFM

It’s time to enter a world of wild and weird goodness. New Yorkers AMFM, David Caruso, Jonathan Riley and Gian Stone, have just recently released their self-titled EP that is transports listeners into another dimension of music. To get down to the nitty gritty of the songs, please check them out below with a little taste of their power:


Broom starts immediately with a pulsing energy that is a sweet spot between 80s and alternative rock. An echoing set of wails either from keys or guitar follow as the lyrics continue to echo forward. It is a song filled with a moody anticipation that is strangely addicting. In the chorus, the listener is thrown into a vast transition. What started as an alternative rock feel turns into a psychedelic journey that ends square in that realm.


From here, this song breaks through with lyrics from the inception. Eventually, claps can be heard intermixed with the vocals that are still placed in that alternative genre. Everything slows down until the clapping begins once more. Guitar licks fill in the void of the chorus as things progress. Of course, the echoes continue on with the claps being the final tune with a lonely piano.

Hey Hey:

A somber and slow tune for once! The mellow keys and guitar are both calming for the ears. This is a more rhythmic song compared to the rest until the whirring of sounds appears. With harmonic shouts, the song breaks into uplifting heights. All of the vocals have the signature yet faint echo behind them. Towards the end of the song, those echoes are shifted into a short segment of tones until they blend into the chorus to finish.


Shouted Out (Shut It Out):

A slow and trippy vibe enters first followed by a series of discordant strings. The harmonic chorus pops out of nowhere and leads into a catchy riff. Drums keep the beat at a solid pace as the vocals come into play. Each part of this song plays right into a simplistic appeal. It may be the most laid-back tune off the EP. Grinding tones and some echoes form towards the middle of the song to bring the listener back into the chorus that is followed by a long wailing madness. Squinting one’s eyes helps to make the process of listening to the wails that much easier. Even the drums are barely heard here. This part of the tune seems to go on forever all the way to the end as it slowly fades.  

Jam On.


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