Father John Misty Provides New Album Through SAP

Josh Tillman a.k.a. Father John Misty announces his latest project in collaboration with Casey Wescott: Streamline Audio Protocol (SAP). Wescott is a psychoacoustics researcher and software developer focused on Perceptual Audio Coding for spectral modeling systems based on sinusoidal plus critical-band noise decomposition whom ensured the perfection of the audio listening application. This innovative application provides a new way for artists and fans alike to share music for free; Father John Misty’s debut of SAP is accompanied with a free stream of his latest, I Love You, Honeybear, which is available February 10th via Sub Pop. Tillman explains SAP as the “signal-to-audio process by which popular albums are “sapped” of their performances, original vocal, atmosphere and other distracting affectations so the consumer can decide quickly and efficiently whether they like a musical composition, based strictly on its formal attributes…everything you love about discovering and sharing free music.”


I Love You, Honeybear is available for purchase here & head to Father John Misty’s website for the exclusive stream.
Follow Josh Tillman on https://mobile.twitter.com/fatherjohnmisty


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