Frameworks – “Time Spent”


Emotional hardcore band Frameworks have just released a heavily feeling impacting new single “Time Spent” (which can be listened to here via SoundCloud) which will be released as a seven inch next February via Topshelf Records.

With the thundering rhythms, punching guitars, emotional melodies, and powerful and expressive vocals it is hard not to latch onto it if you are even remotely fond of this kind of metal. It is definitely reminiscent of the kind of music that was popular among the alternative kids when I was in high school. Noisey goes into further detail, saying:

Frameworks are among the last true torchbearers of strong, emotional hardcore. Last year’s LP, Loom, was an often overlooked gem, and nod to bands of the glory days of screamo that could seamlessly mix quiet build-ups with loud, explosive payoffs. Parts of Loom felt reminiscent of bands like Funeral Diner, Twelve Hour Turn, and even their fellow Gainesville brethren I Hate Myself.

It’s nice to see that there are musicians still out there making the kind of music that emotionally resonates with those who don’t want another sad pop ballad.


Joshua Leep
Joshua Leep
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