Freddie Nelson Tunes Up Guitar, Makes Best Project Yet

If there is anything to be said about Freddie Nelson’s music, it is simply the fact that it has  the ability to make a country fan feel good.

“Hey Doll” is a hummable tune, filled with guitars and moans and lots of Nelson screaming “hey doll” over and over again. It’s undeniably mindlessly fun stuff, but it’s not the only song in his catalog that brings the heat.

His latest album, Shake The Cage, seems to answer ever problem with a chorus, which I usually find to be pretty formulaic. However, Nelson never brings a bland moment on this project, continuing to bring riff after after of whiskey coked wonder.

“Light” sounds like something out of a Queen B-sides collection. It’s probably my favorite cut here, really standing out with an amazing chorus and slowburn guitars.

Definitely check this guy out.



Men In Love – Cookie


Lunar Isles – In Any Other


Inner Wave – Mystery

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