Futurebirds – “Hotel Parties”



Southern rock band Futurebirds have released a brand new single “Hotel Parties” (which can be listened to here) which is also the title track from their upcoming third album “Hotel Parties” which will be out on September 25th via Easy Sound Recording Co.

“Hotel Parties” is like a multi-layered cake in terms of sound. So many instruments such as a delicately played piano backed by soft guitars topped by outstanding vocal harmonies give this song a well cared for quality that so many mainstream productions seem to lack in this day and age. The lyrics are heartfelt and blatantly honest about feelings of how it goes when life on the road starts to get to you. Stereogum goes into further detail saying:

It’s a meditation on life on the road and the liminal space between performing onstage and trying to relax back into every day existence afterward.

If you are in the market for something that is good for the soul, then “Hotel Parties” is exactly what you need. I guarantee it will give you feels and raise the hairs on your arms and neck.