Go: Mystery Skulls @ Terminal 5


Take off those snow boots and put on your dancing shoes, New York! Mystery Skulls, the electronic indie pop project formed by Luis Dubuc, will be crashing into the city this Friday, January 30th, for a show at Terminal 5. Tickets are still available and since you don’t have Snowpocalypse 2015 to worry about anymore, you should have no problem spending Friday night dancing your butt off to a whole bunch of Daft Punk-esque electro tunes.

Mystery Skulls are opening for Cherub, the Nashville electronic-pop duo that brings their own collection of throwback dance tunes to the table, and ForteBowie will also appear.

Forever, the debut LP from Mystery Skulls is out now via Warner Bros. Records, and you check out the hilarious, Exorcist-parodying video for lead single “Ghost” below.

Grab your tickets now before they sell out. You don’t want to be the one who is scrambling for something to do on Friday night, do you?