Gorilla VS. Bear – June 2015 Mix

Gorilla VS. Bear produce yet another incredible mix that slinks back and forth between bubbly, poolside percussion, cooing that has you swaying in front of fans trying to stay cool and techno beats that melt together seamlessly. GVSB’s mixes are most impressive in how they incorporate so many different sounds, instruments, tempos and yes even languages (that first track is in French, awesome right?).  Chris Cantalini, founder and editor, and David Bartholow, creative director, give you time to breath between each track but only just barely. As you trip through the mix, you never quite know whether you’re going to get a track that’s lulling like drip-133’s “this is something, now isnt it” (feat. sosi), energetic and popping like Dux Content’s “snow globe” or “dance in space” by Abelard that immediately made me think of Cyndi Lauper. Seriously though, who doesn’t love Cyndi Lauper.

This mix is guaranteed to cool you down and you won’t be able to think of anything but summer. To put it simply, it’s a refreshing cascade of techno bliss and you won’t really get it till you hear it!

Track List:

01 Domenique Dumont :: Comme Ça 00:00
02 Yumi Zouma :: alena (race banyon remix) 03:40
03 Nicolas Jaar :: volver 08:50
04 swim good x merival :: since u asked 11:00
05 Eric Copeland :: cheap treat (panda bear version) 13:33
06 Years and Years :: shine (danny l harle remix) 17:45
07 Strange Names :: i can’t control myself (doss remix) 21:09
08 Abelard :: dance in space ✌︎ (dream fiend remix) 25:04
09 ABRA :: roses xoxo 29:38
10 The Galleria :: mezzanine 33:10
11 Vesuvio Solo :: don’t ask don’t tell (unknown mobile remix) 37:05
12 Qrion :: sink (hemsworth fountain version) 41:11
13 drip-133 :: this is something, now isnt it (feat. sosi) 42:50
14 Toro y Moi :: that instead of this 45:20
15 Harry Fraud :: haaaaaan (instrumental) 46:52
16 Domenique Dumont :: la bataille de neige 50:08
17 Dux Content :: snow globe 53:48

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Juke the Tiger – Dancetoon


Hala – Feels Like Yesterday


Indigo De Souza – Hold U


Elita – Sour Switchblade

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