Graham Nash Album Update and Track Release “Target”


“Target” by Graham Nash from This Path Tonight

Track Review:

The listener’s soul/heart is Graham Nash’s target in his new track. When Nash says, “The distance between the clouds, my target tonight” it makes one think of the old saying that the journey is the goal and not the end outcome. Nash wants to judge the distance between clouds – an unreasonable feat. Judging people are just as unpredictable, but Nash highlights the value in choosing the appropriate target for progress. Nash’s true target and medium is the heart. Nash informed Paul Stokes that he “…[Hoped] it touches your [heart] also” (MoJo). Harmonica notes invoke a forgotten era with contemporary experience, and the classic-rock guitar guidance embraces one like an old friend.


Tour Dates:

Graham Nash has a detailed tour schedule for 2016, which mostly takes place outside of America. The artist’s site has all the tour information, please click HERE for a detailed listing of shows and purchase abilities.

Album Release:

This Path Tonight (Deluxe Edition) is available for pre-order on iTunes, or through Graham Nash’s site, with expected release date set for 15 April 2016. Currently, tracks “This Path Tonight,” “Target,” and “Encore” are available as singles.


Shout to Sources: MoJo, @GrahamNash, YouTube, iTunes