Let’s take a visual and musical trip. With so much great music out there, there are always opportunities for stunning videos to accompany them. Luckily, the band Heirsound, made up of musicians Alexa San Román & Dane Petersen, have perfected this aesthetic approach. Heirsound’s genre is hard to place. They blend in a common ground with pop but expand beyond that with a indie mindset. With exploding guitars and drums, the catchy tunes hold steady to become serious ear candy. Need further evidence, just see below you will find four tastefully done music videos that match up well with their melodies at hand. Watch, listen and go on a journey!

Do It Over is the perfect vocal power anthem. Listeners are brought into the song with the demanding singing of Alexa as she sets up the tone. A pleasurable cacophony of music blares right in after a few moments to unleash an engaging poppy flair. The simplistic yellow imagery and static instrumentation by the band creates this crazy mentality in the song. Alexa and Dane’s chorus harmony work is compatible to get the feet dancing. Dane provides a lovely back up to Alexa’s preaching. Do It Over is supported by an intensely groovy beat that every listener will become addicted to. It’s hard not to bob the head to it all. Even the guitar licks, reminiscent of an 80’s style riff, keeps the listener engaged. Gotta dig it.

My Own is in a trippy, blue underwater world. Simple and soft keys come in first to open its doors to a mellow and fluid vocal pattern for Alexa. It is supported by that commanding beat. The silhouettes of the musicians is a nice contrast to all of the fish swimming by. Sea creatures blend in to the musicians to what must have been the best day at the aquarium. It is worth noting that the sea animals are the most excellent back up dancers of all time in this piece. With all of the echoes and energetic electricity flowing through the music, it is no wonder that the ocean vibes were introduced in a subtle way to cool things down. Again, the duo harmonies are the staple in the chorus. Are they singing to the fishes? Whatever they are doing, it is working.

Welcome to the psychedelic purple scene of Hoods Up. An unusual shift of emo madness ensues with a somber direct singing to the listener. Silhouettes have disappeared to give viewers the best look at Alexa and Dane. Each musician, however, as they belch out the dramatic lyrics, have television static projected over their faces. Robotic head gestures make the whole atmosphere that much surreal with the distortions of the music. Eventually, their signature silhouettes return only to dance wildly. This was a strange yet enjoyable one.

The band shares their thoughts, “Hoods Up is not about one particular incident as it is more about describing a particular feeling. The chorus says, ‘we’ve got our hoods up’ and it means just that. That mood where you put on a big sweatshirt and headphones and zone out away from everyone. The darkest song on the EP, Hoods Up is lyrically sad, yet melodically beautiful and we are both very happy with how it turned out.”

Slow Motion is the first video that offers a variation of multiple colors. The scene is set in various locations in the urban and rural landscapes. No direct singing is seen as Sam takes her masterful photos in the sublime environment they wander in. It is a travel song with nostalgic heart strings grabbing through it all. Heirsound’s team states, “The video is a beautiful representation of the song’s inspiring message to chase your passion, as it intimately follows San Roman’s sister Sam in her element as a career photographer. Slow Motion was shot and produced by Alexa San Román and friends across multiple landscapes including New York, Joshua Tree, CA, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.”

Here is what Alexa San Roman had to say about shooting Slow Motion: “The filming of this video was especially intimate as it was usually just Me, Dane, my sister Sam and best friend Kelsey. My sister was going through a transition in her own life at the time and I felt like she was the perfect subject for our video considering its message so we just rolled with it. She is a photographer and I wanted to make the video as real as possible so I basically just followed her around while we went on trips around the US. Although this video is less straight-forward color wise, orange sunsets and fire tie our EP’s theme into this music video. This song, its message and video all mean a lot to us and we hope that our fans can connect with it the way that we do.

Heirsound is yet another top tier duo of musicians who are definitely working hard to emulate the best of the artistic value of music. Not only is their music pleasing for the ears, but their work with visuals make them equally entertaining for the eyes. On that note, keep an eye out for Heirsound and they are sure to continue making in waves in the space.

Jam On.



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