Hundred Waters – New Remix Album Out Next Month

I saw Hundred Waters a few years back at a Skrillex concert, makes sense considering the OWSLA label now and she was the only performer to actually sing. Back then I didn’t appreciate her music so much but its cool to see where she’s gone since I’ve seen her. The vocals are much more finely tuned and I’m definitely looking forward to the release coming out on February 17th.

Below is some of her music! Have a taste, with your ears.

Tapping a plethora of like-minded, forward-thinking musicians and producers the final work consists of remixes and reconceptualizations by Plaid, Huxley, Illangelo, Brandt Bauer, Shigeto, Kodak to Graph, and reworkings by members of the band among others. The album is graced by an imaginative cover art “remix” of the original album art, rendered as a real-life diorama.

Thomas Hulsmans
Thomas Hulsmans
Hey guys, I'm a small town producer up north.


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