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Despite the lackluster Grammies of 2018 for yet another year, there was still plenty of great music that came out from the chaotic 2017. Most tunes were unexpected delights and there was no exception from the genre of country by way of California. AJ Hobbs, a man of strong musical substance, is leaving an impression with listeners right from the second they hear a note. Not only is his music sublime, but the man seems to put immense effort into his craft from start to finish. His debut album from 2017, ‘Too Much Is Never Enough’ is full of musical treats like Daddy Loved the Lord and Tomorrow I’ll Be Hurtin’. With a promising start, the man was kind enough to give a simple glimpse into his world of music.

AJ’s music is pure country twang that has its catchiest moments attached right off the bat. His crooning drawl keeps the spirit alive and well within the genre. Each pluck of the strings is detailed and listeners will be air playing their imaginary guitars with ease along the way. Mr. Hobbs has enjoyable solos and the intermittent chatter in his tracks gives his tunes those authentic vibes likened to the Sam Phillip producing days. His music is created with relish from start to finish. Organs push through in the background and add onto the spiritual element that is always country to its burgeoning roots.

Regarding his latest album release, he commended the hard work that went into it all. “It was a year in the making, across three different studios and with some of the best musicians in the biz. I’d say I’m pretty lucky and I know there will never be another one like it.” 

Within the craft, the creating never truly ends when one album is complete. “[I have] been writing here and there, but no plans to get in the studio. Thinking 2019 will be a good year for something new.” Listeners will be sure to keep their ears open for more to come. As far as the state of the genre itself, Mr. Hobbs remains optimistic about it all. “From where I’m standing, it seems to be doing alright!” On top of that, with February starting off as strong as it can, AJ offered his hopes for the new year. “[Let’s] get that POS out of the white house.” No argument there. 

Beyond the craft of music, other visual mediums keep the man inspired as he creates. “[I’m a big fan of] Chris Cascio out of Houston, TX. He’s an old bandmate from long ago as well but he’s doing something very different and inspiring these days.” 

When it comes to the evolution and longevity of his music, Mr. Hobbs has strong motivation behind it all. “My son, Beau [keeps me in line]. If I’m gonna do it, I gotta do it so well that it makes a difference in his life too.” 

As the field continues to shift here and there, AJ sees the potential. “It’s looking a little better every day. Just read some article about how congress is helping artists get more performance royalties so it can’t be all that bad. Lots of headlines about how streaming is saving the music business. Hope it saves the artists as well.” 

Days off are glorious and rare in the music world and this musician does it well when he can. “[I love the] movies and hiking in my neighborhood. [Other than that, I enjoy] reading on the beach.” Simple and sweet at its best.

Jam on.

Give Daddy Loved the Lord and Tomorrow I’ll Be Hurtin’ a listen below:



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