Interview – Bebel Gilberto

Musical exploration and simple artistic play have been running rampant ever since the dawn of it all. For some, revamping renditions of classic tunes has turned the game into a fun showcase of appreciation. That exact methodology was put into full effect for the legendary musician Bebel Gilberto. Earlier last month, the musician released her beautiful cover of Radiohead’s Creep. With her signature blend of electronic bossa nova, the woman continues to be a powerful force in the musical scene.

Speaking on her new cover, Bebel was more than pleased with it. “I’m super happy! We just finished filming the video for it. It’s very dramatic, but I’ve been getting great feedback!” Listeners will be sure to enjoy it when the music video comes out.

Musically, the musician is just relishing the glory days of the craft in general. “[Its] Great! I’m writing some new stuff. I’m very excited about my music. It’s been great for music, right? I think it’s a new moment with the Internet, all the new ways of receiving music and commercializing music. It has been difficult, I have to assume, but we always have to keep reinventing ourselves if we are [to be] real artists.”

When asked to give her take on her discography, her most current work seems to take the cake. “…I guess everything is my favorite. [However], my favorite now is my version of Creep and this new EP, ‘Live at the Belly Up’, and the … music I’m writing because it’s all [brand] new.”

When it comes to performances, she is up for anything. “I would love to do a crazy performance, you know, a big event with background vocalists, exhibitions, colorful projections, incredible lighting and then do a 100 day tour of it. It’s something I haven’t done in a long time. It would be new and exciting compared to the acoustic stuff I have been doing [lately]. Obviously, when you start doing something for a little longer you start dreaming about something totally different. So that’s my vibe about that.”

In the moments when music doesn’t take over, she remains busy with other mediums or simply relaxes. “I draw and I paint a lot. I do love dancing. I’m an actress too, and I’m a big liar, oh I’m kidding! So basically that. [I like to sometimes do] basically nothing, I love to lay in the sun and be with nature. I like to be at the beach if it’s possible and be with my friends, but basically doing nothing. That’s my ideal day, just not having anything to do. Enjoying time and taking care of myself.”

On that note, she has found a way to enjoy some of the summer movies this past season. “[I really liked] Blade Runner 2049. Well, I saw it in the 80’s and it blew me out from when I saw it the first time. I think I saw it 5 times maybe. I went to see it last night and I’m totally into the moods. It’s a great rendition and I love it. For me it rocks!”

Her work gladly never ends. “Today I have a meeting with my tour manager and then after that I’m getting ready to exercise and enjoy this last summer day here in Manhattan before fall turns to winter. So I need to enjoy this sunlight a little bit. My next project is this new music I’m writing with producer; Thomas Bartlett and I’m extremely excited. We’ve been in the studio working for the last 3 weeks and I’m very, very happy. This is something amazing and all I can think about now…”

Jam on.

Give her rendition of Creep a listen below:



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