Interview: Biscuits & Gravy

Man oh man, summer is here! With the good eats and entertaining evenings of wandering the warm city streets, music is the next best thing. To top it off, funk is what this summer will need. Earlier this spring, the funky Biscuits & Gravy captivated fans and New Yorkers with their stellar tunes. Music listeners can read about their performance here. That night, the crew introduced their newest tune titled Heartbreaker it was sublime. Now, that tune is available to the masses! To elaborate a bit on the craft, the men of Biscuits & Gravy, David Huddleston, Sam RP, Mark “Ghost” Steinert, Bobby Boushe, Mark Ward, Eric Tait and Craig Hill gave readers a glimpse into their world.

To start, they talked about their development of their musical medium. “Our first album received a really great response from all of our fans and we were eager to follow it up, but we wanted to push our sound a bit more beyond the first album. We’ve grown as a band since the last record and we’ve started to really find our sound.” Listeners can easily hear the evolution while the men still retain their funky roots.

Thier proudest work to date is easily their newest material. “We’re extremely proud of this first single, Heartbreaker. It was one of those songs that we thought it’d be good pre-recording, but it really grew into something else that we weren’t expecting once we hit the studio.”

Ambition runs strong in their hearts. They shared some ideal venue dreams. “Opening up for any of the artists that we admire would be ideal, the greats like D’Angelo, The Roots, Stevie Wonder, Kendrick Lamar and many many more… the list is endless. Also, the Super Bowl Halftime Show.” Mr. Goodell, you should give these guys a call.

As an artist, performing comes with it’s difficult moments. “It wasn’t the performance itself, but we were once performing at this small college in western Mass. We were coming from a show in NYC the night before and about halfway there our vehicle broke down. We had to get towed the rest of the way to the college. The next morning we woke up and the SUV was working again! We hopped in, got going, and about halfway through the drive back to Boston we broke down again. We yet again had to get towed the rest of the way, even having to secretly stash some of the guys in the SUV while it was on the bed of the truck without the tow truck driver knowing.”

Since Biscuits & Gravy are active participants in the music world, it was comforting to hear their thoughts on it all in 2016. “… Some of the best music [we’ve] ever heard is coming out now. [We] feel like anyone who’s complaining about music these days just isn’t listening to the right music. [We] feel like you never discover new music on the radio anymore, that’s not where you turn these days. There’s all of these amazing artists that are being discovered now on social media sites like YouTube and Facebook and they happen to be some of the best artists out there.”

Summer music fans need not look any further than Biscuits & Gravy to satisfy their musical delights. Bring on the funky madness and dance the days away. Become fans and join the some good ol’ tunes. Seeing these men in action is even better and their flair for an entertaining time is guaranteed.


Jam On.



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