Interview – Chad Post

Interview – Chad Post

Musicians across the world are holed up, immersed in their work and simply attempting to get by. However, many are not just lounging around with worry. Creatives in music, as well as all other mediums, are pushing ahead full throttle. This time at home and in their personal lives has given new meaning to introspection and deliverance. Chad Post, a musician residing in New York City, is a great example of that drive that never ceases to persist. His discography continues to grow without delay. The man has given into this strange opportunity to really prepare for the hopeful end that will come by providing music to ride on with. With his album, ‘Delusions of Grandeur’ released in early January, he was able to meet the new year head on before Covid-19 took hold in the United States. From there, Chad has begun a marathon of creation that is best told from his own perspective:

His evolution of his craft is apparent from the start. “I think most of all, I have realized that I want my projects to tell stories. Everything has to make sense in order for it to be digestible. When I released my debut EP, ‘The Gilded Age’, I was still getting my feet wet and crossing that terrifying bridge of actually putting my art on display—with the fear of people to reject, trash, love, or hate it.  For me, that was the absolute hardest part. Since that EP, I was able to tell a story by stringing together the singles with music videos. Each song I put out and the video that followed for this album took my ideas further into the story of the character I was creating. Now that I finally have been able to release my debut full-length album, ‘Delusions of Grandeur,’ it seems like every piece has fit together. I put an obsessive amount of time into the visuals and aesthetic of whatever I am creating. By the completion of my new album, the story ended up telling itself. The constant creation of art is the very thing that makes me create more—so it was a natural evolution. In the beginning of my career pursuit, I really wanted to make people understand what I wanted to do—so they would get the vision, the character, the sound, and as I started putting out more and more projects, I realized it gets so much easier to do that. Now there is a natural flow that I don’t have to think about as much or really work at all to create. My album is sixteen tracks, separated by seasons, which is a pretty large album, especially in a world of EP only releases. I really didn’t feel like it was complete until I had all of these songs. They tell a story and lead into one another—from self-discovery, to finding love, to separating from it, and rebirth. It is also the perfect time for this album to come out because it ends in spring, and songs like Good Luck When It Rains are the essence of this time of year—death for rebirth to occur. I’m so pumped to share this evolution with people!”

As he expands his repertoire, the journey ahead is ambitious. “For the near future, I’m really excited to play these songs live. I had the chance to do that a handful of times before the pandemic, but I am really eager to do full sets. I am working with a really talented musician to help work out a full set and concept, hopefully for the fall. I’m finishing up editing a music video right now that’s a triple song video for my songs Nothing At All, Playground Rules, and Satisfied? (Love Game), which chronicles the making of my album over the past two years. It follows me in the studio, writing, filming, and touring. I’m so excited for people to see some of what went into this roller coaster of an album. I also have a documentary I’ve been shooting for the making of the second album, which will hopefully be out this coming winter. For the distant future, I hope I’m always able to make music and create art. I’m less focused on numbers and accolades than I have been before, which is beneficial for me. I just love creating and I want to always be able to do that. Connecting with other artists is another huge goal of mine. I’m at the point now where people are actually contacting me to collaborate, show me new songs, and work together. That is the greatest reward to have the respect of other artists.”

Quarantine is only aiding in his work with little hindrance. “I really try to keep myself from complaining because so many people are suffering. I will say it hasn’t been a cakewalk on mental health, I think for everyone. The greatest tool for me is staying busy and drinking coffee to fill the lulls in my mood. I am usually a project or two ahead of whatever one I’m promoting so I haven’t really stopped working. I just built a vocal booth to begin tracking the vocals for my second album, which has twenty songs that are ready to go. So I just keep editing, practicing for shows, working on my vocal technique, and exercising. I’m just happy the sun is finally shining again!”

Creatives are somehow growing despite this and Mr. Post is no exception yet he recognizes the moments to focus on himself. “I think it is really easy to become stagnant. It is okay to feel whatever emotions you feel, but I think it’s really important that people do what is right for them. That might mean pushing yourself to get out of bed. For me, movement and progress keep me motivated and excited. If I stay in bed all day every day, it wouldn’t be good for me. I think people are struggling with trying to stay busy, but also not being motivated—understandably. It is also really difficult for artists to move forward with projects because everything is closed. I was working with Brooklyn artist, Aria Jay, on a really dope show that was supposed to happen in May but everything had to be postponed which is tough. Luckily, I’ve been having some really successful songwriting sessions via Zoom and that has really helped keep the creative energy flowing. I do think there is a lot of good to come from this—it forced all of us to slow down a bit. America especially moves so incredibly fast, and even more so, New York. We tend to lose sight of the process, our growth, and progress. It’s one of my biggest downfalls—I’m always thinking of what’s next and struggle to live in the moment. Even having time to warm up my voice at a leisurely pace instead of rushing to do it during the ten free minutes in the day has been nice. I feel more connected to my body, mind, and art during this time. I’m hoping we all come out of this a little more grateful and appreciative. It has made me realize how much I miss socializing in public settings—because I live at coffee shops.” 

Music has only emboldened the man to explore beyond the medium. “… I love television and film. I would love to go deeper into directing and cinematography. I do all of the concepts, production designs, and directing for my music videos, and it’s part of the process that I love—putting visuals to the sounds. I have a lot of screenplays I want to develop more, so I hope to one day expand upon that. I have had the opportunity to work on a lot of short films with friends and develop concepts and that has made me realize how much I love telling stories. Everything I do is one form or another of writing, just with different mediums.” 

Ideal collaborations are easy for Chad to dream of. “I have a few big dream collabs. I would love a power ballad duet with Adele, but who wouldn’t?! I also wrote a song called I Live For the Country [written] for Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga, and myself. That would be an insane collaboration for me. They are my muses and it would be the greatest honor to sing with them… Lastly, I would love to write a song on the album Destiny’s Child reunites on. I know those are all really big dreams, but why not!”

For those experiencing the stay at home woes, Mr. Post has his own recommendations. “Last night I re-watched You’ve Got Mail and it just had a great 90s simplicity to it that made me feel nostalgic and appreciative. I miss those care-free 90s rom coms so I feel like I’m going to go on a bender of those for a while. I am also so excited for the second season of Dead to Me to come out this week, the first season was so addicting. For books I am reading The Second Mountain by David Brooks. It’s a classic I’ve wanted to read for a while and talks about the reasons we do the things in our life—the peaks and valleys and what they represent, as well as who we are doing things for. I like art that puts things in perspective. Right now, I need light and uplifting… Usually I love a really good drama, something serious, with dark undertones—even in music—but everything feels heavy so I’m leaning toward light-hearted media.”

Freedom from Covid-19 is shared by people the world over and Chad is ready to go hard for when it’s over. “I really want to perform these new songs I’ve released. So many people know the words and sing along to them, and that is so gratifying. I want that reaction at a venue. I’m really excited to record my next album over the summer, so hopefully by the time this is over, I’ll be ready to begin releasing new singles. There is so much music I have yet to release and I’m so excited to share that with the world. I realized this past year that I care less about fame and fortune and more that I have the privilege to write and make music. That is more than I could ever ask for—that I get to keep creating art and don’t have any restrictions. Aside from music, I would love to take a vacation somewhere warm with white sand and turquoise water. I write my best music when I’m removed from what I know and can’t over-analyze my ‘direction.’ That would be a dream.”

Jam on.

Give ‘Delusions of Grandeur‘ and Breather a listen and a watch below:

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Written by Myles Hunt

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