Interview – Dylan Dunlap


Everyone needs to cool down a bit since summer has made its fateful appearance this June. Perhaps something with powerful good vibes behind it? Well, Los Angeles based musician, Dylan Dunlap, who just released his EP ‘Feels Right At Home,’ is the ideal man for the job. Not only is the music worthwhile, he has also stated his hope in its release to raise awareness on mental health by donating 100% of the proceeds from the sales towards the PSA Behavioral Health Agency in Phoenix, AZ. This man is making that artistic magic happen.

Music seems to offer a way for him to explore engagement with people. “I always want to go out of my comfort zone and this is probably the craziest thing one can do as an extreme introvert! As much as I love time to myself, I absolutely love connecting with people at my shows. I also really just want to help people and hope that I can raise some awareness about mental health with this new release.” 

Within his discography, there are easy pickings. “Of all the songs that I’ve put out, I think Uncharted Land stands out as a favorite. Kirk, Ben, and I just spend so much time perfecting this EP [‘Feels Right at Home’] and with this song specifically, I absolutely love how we acted upon the phrase, ‘less is more’. Kirk and I went back and forth trying to figure out how that guitar solo could really stand out and by the end of it, it ended up being such a cool textural thing and not some crazy shredding moment. As for the lyrics, it’s definitely the most courageous out of my current discography. I wasn’t afraid to literally call out my last name and talk about how many mistakes I’ve made as a man. I love that one so much.” 

Performance aspirations keep flowing in. “I am always working towards more opportunities! I will never sit down someday and think to myself, ‘That’s it! I’ve done it all’. I would LOVE to play more music festivals. Last year my band had the incredible opportunity of opening for Phil Wickham in front of 4,000 people at an amphitheater in Bakersfield and it was without a doubt the best show I’ve ever had. I will absolutely work harder towards finding a way to hop on more festival circuits.”

Professionalism seems to be the key for Dylan. “My most difficult performance… Hmm. Well, I released “Feels Right at Home – EP” a couple Fridays ago in Hollywood and that night was actually one of four nights in a row that I had shows. It’s every performer’s dream to have a gig every night, but not when you wake up with uncontrollable coughs and absolutely no voice. Every morning was just torture, but my girlfriend took such great care of me and I pushed through. The shows were an absolute blast, so it’s all good!”

Mr. Dunlap remains optimistic and cautious regarding the modern music scene. “The music world is an interesting one. I don’t really find myself listening to anything on the radio, but I do appreciate so much of the bands and artists that are taking over the world right now. I think it’s important to find things to positively critique about instead of just bash something because it’s huge. As more and more people utilize Apple Music and Spotify, it’s up to us independent artists to get creative and figure out how we can continue doing this full-time. I actually love that I’m donating 100% of the digital sales. Not only will it encourage my fans to spend a few bucks on iTunes (or any other digital platform), but I really just hope it raises some awareness about the organization in Phoenix.” 

Going beyond the medium may not happen immediately. “Music is my life. I will always be doing music until the day I die. That being said, I do see myself producing more artists in the future! I might as well make good use of my ability to record and engineer as I have been doing it since I was 13! In the future, I’ll definitely explore different styles of production. I’d love to incorporate more synths and samples into our typically organic recording process.”

Of his idols, one man in particular came to mind. “If you know me, you know that I worship Chris Martin of Coldplay. It doesn’t even have to do with the music he makes, but the fact that they’ve been around for MANY years and still consist of the same guys. That just blows my mind. It inspires me to maintain the best relationships I can with my bandmates, and to make the most beautiful memories with them throughout the years. I also just love what he talks about on stage, and how he takes advantage of moments in front of 60,000+ people to simply spread love and positivity in the world.” 

Time slows down for nobody, let alone Dylan Dunlap. “I have a few more e-mails to send out, one other interview to answer questions for, and then I’ll be teaching some kids how to play piano in West Hollywood! I also have a secret little gig at a bowling alley tonight, packed day! The future is a total mystery. I’d love to take some time to really promote these four new songs and perform as much as I can with the product. I’m sure I’ll put out some singles in 2018, but I really want to work as hard as possible to grow as an artist with the music that I have already released!”

Jam on.

Give ‘Feels Right at Home’ a listen below: