Interview – Eden Warsaw

Canadians are really continuing to step up their already impressive music game. Toronto native and ambitious musical seeker, Eden Warsaw, is one prime example of this. With his brand new single Somebody Tell Me, from the upcoming album ‘Calm The Coast’, the art is thriving with his crew of Troy Donaldson, Kyle Densmore and P-Chan. Covering a wide span of genres is the ideal eclectic touch that is needed in the growing music world. Emotion seeps through and the humanity of it all works well through Eden’s project.

The whole concept was a flexible adventure for the Mr. Warsaw. “I really wanted to write an album that [hadn’t] been done yet. It was freeing in that sense because I didn’t set any boundaries while finding the sound. Once the general theme clicked, it was like writing a movie or a novel and it just flowed.”

With a growing discography, the man has plenty of favorite works to date to choose from. “From the previously released album [‘Searching for Someone’] I really enjoy songs like Lightning Touch and Medicine, I think they really blended a lot of experimental styles and helped me forge my own path in a way. The new album has a ton of gems, and I’ll let people discover the songs on their own.”

Future performance aspirations are dreams to turn into reality. “I can’t wait to play festivals where people know all of the words to the songs. I think one of the main things for us right now is that we’re playing a lot of new unreleased songs in the live show so it’s really fresh and captivating in a way for the audience. It’ll be much cooler once they know the songs and we can all sing them and vibe to them together. I really think that has to be a surreal experience for bands.”

The beauty of a live show is that anything can happen, for good or ill. “We played one show for a festival in Toronto and there were technical difficulties while we were setting up our gear. One thing you need to know is that all of us in the band are quick to set up and play so it was tough since the problem wasn’t with any of our gear. It took some time and we had to cut our set a few songs short even though the sound was great in the venue. The worst part is there were a lot of people there to see us and we didn’t get to play a few of the new songs for them. It happens I guess, but we really value our stage time and try to give the best music to anyone listening.”

Eden had some serious views on the modern music world. “It’s tough, I think the focus has shifted too much to unimportant things. We keep seeing and hearing the quality of music going down and it’s all about what’s popular right now, which I understand from the business side of music, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere. One thing I know is that music can always bounce back and we’ve been in a bit of a ‘plastic’ decade of music as I like to call it. Either way, I’m hoping it switches soon. Music can be catchy but it can also be meaningful and different, it doesn’t all have to sound the same.”

Production across the board may be his next musical jump. “… I think I would venture into producing other people’s albums. I love writing, so I think helping someone find their sound would be cool to explore. The visual side is also interesting and I’m lucky enough to have talented friends in film so I would probably want to learn more about that world too.”

Changes within his craft going forward keeps the man on his toes. “What’s the Da Vinci quote that art is never finished only abandoned? [It is exactly that] I’m sure I could change things all the time on this album or previous ones but it feels like a framed piece of art, which is the goal. I’d love to write with more guitars for the next album and maybe capture our live energy more but things change and maybe the next album will sound like ‘Kid A’ or something, never know until we get there!”

Musical inspiration flows easily. “… I’m a huge Radiohead fan, but one of the best things about them is how they transform the albums into a live setting. I think when you can have one sound on an album and then showcase the songs with a different energy on stage, you’re really doing the music justice.”

Rest for the busy man helps promote that creative energy. “… It’s been busy the last few days so I need to recharge. Right now the focus is rolling out our album ‘Calm The Coast’ and hopefully getting a nice tour booked. After that I think the next album will be a double-album. Already have a few ideas that I’m excited about but trying not to get sidetracked with it right now.”

Jam on.

Give Somebody Tell Me a listen below:


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