Interview: Elizabeth Hunter

Rock and roll ladies are the best. One such lady has piqued the interest of many to date and was recently featured for her amazing performance skills this summer. This woman in question is none other than the lovely and equally hilarious Elizabeth Hunter. Even though she has won numerous listeners over with her live shows, her personality truly shines when she talks about music.

Miss Hunter has found a fantastic balance in her use of the musical medium. Naturally, her origin story is a long journey of progression. “… Well, I got out of college and did what many musicians do. I threw myself 100% into songwriting, then into producing and getting the album artwork just right. I put out an EP. Then waited for the world to come knocking, they didn’t. That was a huge disappointment. I was sitting with my friend who was a founder of Cantora Records (the Record label that discovered and brought MGMT to prominence) and together we dissected what had happened. Not only had I thought nothing about PR, (which record companies dedicate considerable resources to) but the world of music is different today, and the approach has to change. He thought I made a mistake by releasing an EP right off the bat and said I needed to build interest, build a following and put out a series of smaller releases: he suggested singles. I sunk my teeth into the idea, but didn’t think it would be enough. When I thought on what people consume today, what they like to share, what goes viral, it’s videos. I had some background in and a love of film, and knew I could do them at low cost. When I’m writing the songs, I’m thinking of the video.” Not only is she a musical artist, but her visual skills propel her even farther in the space.

For example, Elizabeth gave a nice explanation of one of her favorite works to date. “I do like my latest music video, Coming for You. I shot it in London with a great group of friends, as well as the usual challenges of British weather. My music videos before had all been story-based, and I’m proud of them, but this one was a bit more inventive. I’ve tried to take that forward with all my future projects: Let it All In, (in post-production) and Seal it with A Kiss the music videos (pre-production) both have more ‘out of the box’ themes. Also, can’t wait for everyone to hear the four new singles!”

Beyond music videos, she has some high hopes for live performances to come. “Well, I studied orchestration in college. I’ve always dreamed that somewhere down the line I could do a show with an orchestra, the Philharmonic somewhere in the city, [maybe] Central Park, with a packed outdoor concert under the stars.”

Despite all the passion, the musical adventure often has some bumps in the road with memorable events to add. Elizabeth shared one in particular. “Oh gee, now to bring me down to reality. I had a gig on my London tour at a working farm within the city limits. The gig was originally meant to be a band gig, but ended up being just me. I’m a bass player and I was on my own with a guitar, with my imperfections on display and with farm noise in the background. Also, I was fast friends with a pig I named Penelope. She’d roll over for a belly rub when she saw me coming and was scheduled for the plate within the week. [That] was a bit heartbreaking, as Penelope, and all pigs are very much like dogs, but she wouldn’t fit in my guitar case. I love bacon.”

As a participant in the musical climate, she gave her thoughts on it all. “It’s tricky, you have to be everything: writer, producer, booker, graphic designer, hype-man and artist on top of it all. To some people this comes naturally, but to other more introverted artists (yours truly) it can be hard. At the end of the day, they’re skills you need to practice just like playing an instrument. We’re all fighting toward the day we can wear one hat.” Looks like she is wearing many of those.

Music is not her only artistic medium she wishes to pursue. “I did a lot of playwriting in college, and have some plays I’d like to eventually mount. I wrote one my junior year about the final meeting of Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt at the Yalta conference and its movement into the Cold War. There, good, now everyone knows I’m a nerd. I’ve definitely gotten into film making while doing these videos and I’d love explore directing/acting further. I also secretly watch stand up and dream.” Ahem, Comedy Central, hire her.

Alongside her videos, she has high aspirations for her musical work. “I’d like to start doing some more collaborations. I think that brings out new sides of you as an artist. I just wrote a bossa-sounding tune with a friend of mine, with a very sparse arrangement (very different from my usual wall-of-sound mentality). I’d like to work with people with different styles than myself who I admire and respect, and grow through osmosis with them.”

Musically, she is well grounded in an array of talent to build off from. “Oh man, I tend to always listen to the past. I’m a massive fan of Motown, and set my Pandora to Beach Boys (a brilliant catch all for everything Beatles to Temptations), but recently I’ve found myself more and more inspired by my friends; singer-songwriters and bands that are killing it anonymously. To name just a few: Fort Vine, Talay and Wet Leather. Check them out, you’ll be hearing about them soon enough.”

Lastly, the musician will be traveling abroad soon and has some special projects to come. “I’m planning out the next music video Seal it with a Kiss. Just starting the storyboarding process right now.” For listeners who are in the mood for excellent music and entertaining imagery, look no further than the skills of Elizabeth Hunter. Keep an eye out for her music and videos as they are sure to make there way out into the musical world with power!

Jam On.



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