Interview – Elsie and The Vibe

Time for some soul tunes from an Australian talent residing in Brooklyn. Elsie and The Vibe, who sadly returns down under for the summer, is giving fans a superb going away present with the release of her EP, ‘Elsie and The Vibe’ on July 8th. Luckily, some folks will be able to catch the woman and her crew once they perform one last show this weekend on Sunday, June 4th at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2. Elsie will be back with more magic to come and the summer vibes will be full of her work.

Music is just a strong part of the woman’s imaginative nature. “I think it’s similar for a lot of creative people, it’s something I am almost compelled to do. Creating and performing music is a huge part of who I am and I wouldn’t feel whole without it.”

Her latest music seems to be her favorite to date. “My new track, Naked, is a song that feels like it will always be relevant for me. I actually wrote it five years ago, but every time I sing it I can still relate to the lyrics and the essence of the song holds true. I find that this isn’t something that always happens, as when I move through different stages in life, lyrics and melodies can start to feel distant. Naked touches on the inherent strength in vulnerability, and the freedom that comes with revealing your truth. I am always striving to do this in the most honest way possible.”

Performance ambitions are close and near. “I’m pretty excited to be playing at Rockwood Music Hall this Sunday night! When I first moved to NY I went to Rockwood quite a bit, and I’m so grateful that in less than a year I get to play there! It was actually the one venue I really wanted to play before heading home to Australia.”

A trip home will be worthwhile given the events prior this spring. “Have I got a story! A couple of weeks ago I played at the Jersey Shore Festival in New Jersey. My friend offered to drive us from Manhattan in his campervan, so off we went; laughing, eating, enjoying our adventure, taking in the sights… Then the campervan broke down. The poor little van refused to move out of first gear and was making some very unsettling noises. Luckily, it turns out that Uber can pick you up from the side of the road and we made it to the gig JUST in time. We were pretty psyched to have made it… Just when we thought our challenges were behind us, we found out that there were no house drums… We hadn’t brought a drum kit. Determined not to let the day defeat us, my drummer ended up playing on the BINS (and I tell you what, it was very impressive). It was quite the day!”

Elsie’s place in the craft’s space offers her a special and rare glimpse into it all. “I guess the best perspective I can give on this is some insight into my small, tiny, corner of the music world. I’ve been really lucky that I have been surrounded by amazingly supportive people that have encouraged growth and assisted me in realizing my visions.” Taking a new spin on things, the musician likes to build off her inspiration with artists who are accessible. “… I am typically the most inspired by people that I have a direct personal connection with. My friends that are musicians are super inspiring to me and I have learned and evolved greatly through making music with them. I’ve also been really inspired by going out and watching or partaking in live music in New York. The musicians in the city are incredible!”

Music seems to be the only medium for this lady at the moment. “I have been so focused on music in the last few years that I have not had the chance to do this yet! However, I do love the idea of integrating different art forms as well as collaborating with people in other fields, so this is definitely something I want to do!”

Her music seems to keep progressing in her own time as well. “I’m super proud of the music that I have recorded. I spent lots and lots of time refining the sound of the tracks, so there really isn’t anything I would change. I also feel that the music perfectly reflects the place that I was in at the time of recording. However, I started recording this EP [‘Elsie and The Vibe’], release date July 8th, at the start of 2014 and I wrote the songs in the years before that. Since that time l have evolved as a musician, so my perspective; the sounds that I am drawn to, my lyrics and my musical taste have all grown too. I’ve spent the last year in New York, and that has also had a huge impact on me. I’m pretty excited to record some new material towards the end of the year!” Despite the summer plans, she is never slowing down. “[I will be] PACKING [the next few days]! My new track, Naked, will be released next week, and as I mentioned, my EP will be released July 8th! Also I have a show at Rockwood Music Hall on Sunday June 4th at 8PM on Stage 2. It’s gonna be super fun!”

Jam on.




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