Interview: Fumosonic

Art work in location

Discovering new music on Twitter is always a special treat. Sometimes the random followers turn into interesting masters of their craft. Roughly a year ago one such musical duo got me interested. Fumosonic is made up of musicians John and Kelly Fumo who unleash a uniquely special sound. To learn more about their understanding of music and their adventures, I reached out to them both. Luckily, they took some time to share their journey to date.

As always, I asked how music began for them both. John started off first, “I wanted to write music from a very early age. I wanted to create something other than instrumental jazz music. Kelly brought me to a place where I could see the blending of styles that we now use.” Kelly then elaborated more on her part; “We met in a band so it just seemed like a natural progression when we got together, to combine our different backgrounds and influences in to a cool style. I never really explored much jazz music until I met John, and I don’t think he ever listened to rap before I pushed it on him… When it comes to World Music, we both really love the music of India, Africa and the Middle East.”

On that note, I was curious to learn if they had any particular favorite pieces they have created. “Shut Up [because] it was the first tune we wrote together, it is so quirky and jazzy and funky.” Shared John, with a follow up from Kelly. “Shut Up for the same reasons John mentioned. Also Less is More (unreleased). I just like how that turned out with the D&B feel.” I for one look forward to hearing that tune someday soon.

Performing ambitions remain strong for the duo. John declared, “[I would love to] travel to India and play a festival or three. Never been there and always loved the music from this part of the world. Also Summerfest in Milwaukee, it was the very first festival I ever attended. [I would also like to do a show at the] Royal Albert Hall in London and Disney Hall in LA.” Kelly went on to share her ambitions as well. “I want to do festivals in Europe. Would love to play Glastonbury because I have a strong feeling that Europeans would really dig our music.” I agree with her point, their music has a nice blend that would be appealing for that audience.

Difficult shows are still memorable for them. Kelly states one in particular, “Our very first gig together at M Cafe in Long Beach. When I met John I was a background singer and as far as he knew, had never fronted a band. We had only one or two rehearsals, the band was brand spanking new, and we were both a nervous wreck. John was so afraid I wouldn’t be able to front the band he kept coaching me on what to do, we had to talk our way through the set over and over on the hour drive to the gig.” John had another one on his mind, “Molly Malone’s in Hollywood, several years back. Our bass player at the time did not show for the first set, I had to play bass on a keyboard and left the trumpet sitting alone in a corner.”

Being a part of the ever changing and growing music scene, I was curious if they had any thoughts on it all. “I think there are so many opportunities for music. An abundance of TV and Internet stations, [there are] always new ways to promote and access different music, we live in a great time for creating music or anything else for that matter.” Mentions John, Kelly shared her thoughts. “It’s different from the days of the big record labels, but in a good way. I think it’s wide open to new artists and there are many new avenues in which to be heard.” 

My favorite songs of theirs are Strange and Wonderful and It’s All About Me. I asked if they would change anything about those tunes. “I would love to add more instrumentation to the band. We love a full sound and having sitar, tabla, oud, percussion, horns, singers and more would enable us to recreate some of our ideas in a live setting more easily.” States Kelly.

Kelly went on to share a few of her inspirational contemporaries. “Female artists that write their own music inspire me. At the moment I’m a little stuck on Amy Winehouse, analyzing the way she writes. After meeting John I became enamored with the jazz singers and I stumbled upon a woman recently named Blossom Deary that I love.”

Fumosonic are still busy and hard at work. “John and I are in the process of writing new material. The rest of the band has their own personal projects that they work on when not gigging with us.” Keep an eye out for their new work or simply join me as fans for now. Their current songbook is both great sounding music and entertaining for all. Give them a listen and enjoy!


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