Interview – Gigi Rowe


Let the Miami warmth reach the city dwellers with open arms in the form of music. Pop musician, Gigi Rowe will happily lead the charge in this regard. Known for her new breakout single Run The Night, the woman shows no signs of slowing down. With the release of her EP ‘Hello Gigi Rowe’ in 2016, the rockstar will continue to surprise all with new music in 2017 with her explosive personality and signature sound. Fans far and wide are sure to grow with each tune.

Her foray into music was pure passion. “It’s like I say to anyone who asks me for advice on being an artist; If you can live without it, definitely do… If you can’t, then treat it like it’s the love of your life. For me, it’s more like this is something I feel compelled to do, as opposed to just wanting it. I love so many aspects of being creative, but what really drives me is the music. There’s nothing like the excitement of working on new songs that light me up, where I can’t wait to share them. In essence, I just love the karma and energy of the music world.”

Musically, her most recent work stands out. “[I am loving] Run the Night because it’s the invitation to my world, the ever evolving story of the ‘glamorous runaway.’ … Having that song featured on the Just Dance 2017 game has been an amazing opportunity. Now, on the heels of Run the Night, I’m back in the studio with my producer ill Factor, and the newest song we’re working on is my favorite. It feels fresh, simple and modern but still has something to say that’s important. It’s a snapshot of exactly where I’m at right now, which is really refreshing for me to be able to articulate.”

Performance ambitions for the future are clear for Gigi. “My dream, well, one of them, is to perform on a late-night TV show. When I envision performances, my first thought is, how would this look on late-night TV? There’s something so dramatic and mysterious about the performances I see, and I’m already dreaming up how my newest song would be brought to life in that context.”

With shows that might not be the best, her focus tends to be on the human engagement aspect. “Performing is all about connection, so my most challenging moments on stage have been where I feel disconnected, not so much from the audience, because in the moment I make an effort to somehow reach the crowd, but more like if I’m struggling to feel my music onstage the way I’d like to. I’ve also gotten stuck in a curtain making my entrance but, hey, it’s all part of the live ‘magic…!’”

As far as the whole business goes, she is feeling out the vibe well. “I love it. I really do. I think it’s wild, fast-paced and edgy all at once. It’s a time when something breaks out, feels disproportionately important, and then vanishes just as quickly as it came… There’s this beautiful intensity about it all. If you’re not swallowed up by it, it’s incredible.”

Music may not be her only medium that she will perfect as the years progress. “Acting has always been a love of mine. Fashion, creating a lipstick line of vivid colors, with glittery names, my own sunglass line. I’m all about the shades!”

Within her craft, she is constantly exploring the evolution of it all. “… It’s like taking photos. Depending on the day, mood, wigs – which I love wearing, location, photographer, I look so different. It’s the same with music, and playing around with all the facets of my voice. I particularly love the days in the studio when my voice is a little ‘messed up,’ extra raspy, because it sounds even better like that.”

Artists to enjoy are plentiful for Miss Rowe. “[Some of my favorites are;] Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga, The Chainsmokers, Rihanna and The Weeknd.” Fine choices all.

Keeping busy is the ultimate goal for this woman. “[I am always] chasing the magic! I’m thrilled to have some big projects confirmed and in the works. I can’t quite talk about them yet, but watch this space…” Fans will be sure to keep watch with anticipation.

Jam on.