Interview – Grace Blue

Time to travel and get down with some solid tunes. Grace Blue is the perfect bit of musical euphoria for the end of July. To top it off, the rest of the summer will be better off for every note to come. The Israeli alternative-pop crew, currently reigning in Los Angeles, are well on their way to blending the perfect mix of catchy bits with a fluid flow that is invigorating. Just listen to what Grace had to say about their magic so far.

With the release of their captivating track Our Eyes in early June, it still resonates with the musician. “… It’s is the debut single off our debut EP that’s about to be released next month. It was written about wanting more out of life, while both your environment and your own demons are holding you back, it’s a fight song for me, kind of empowering. I hope that someday it might inspire someone to get out of a bad situation in their lives.”

Musically, the creative juices are never going to slow down. “I hope that we’ll continue to experiment with a lot of different styles or genres that we like and keep making cool combinations out of them and just go crazy. I like that each song in our upcoming EP sounds different from the other, so it never gets boring. Lyrically, I would like to try writing even more personal and exposed lyrics, I’m a huge fan of Nine Inch Nails’ lyrics because they are so honest and in your face and never ‘sugar coated.’”

Of work to be proud of, there was an easy choice for Grace. “I think that our song Fix Itself is extremely special to us because Joseph, our keyboard player, was the main producer of the song. It basically started with me and Joseph sitting in his room and I just started singing a verse that popped into my head, so he started playing the keyboards and that led to him to spending hours producing it and finding different sounds that we liked. I’m really proud of him for that.”

Show wishes for the future are clear in her mind. “The ideal performance of our dreams would probably be to fill up a big stadium, I don’t think there’s anything more amazing than playing a show in front of thousands of people, or opening for big artists that we grew up on.”

Even today, not all shows are still perfect, one stood out in particular for her in recent memory. “That would probably be a show that I did back in 2012, one of my first shows ever. I sang an original song that I wrote, I had to hit a high belting note, so I closed my eyes and moved away with my face from the microphone that was on the microphone stand… As I returned back I bumped my face into the microphone… It was pretty embarrassing, I tried to continue gracefully but it was pretty awkward, but I’m kind of a dork so I know that’s not the last time something like that’s gonna happen.”

Within the expanding musical space, it was hard not to be nostalgic. “I miss rock music, you don’t see a lot of that around anymore which is a shame. I think that there’s a lot of good music out there that’s under the radar so it’s worth exploring by yourself and not just to see what’s popular in your favorite genre.”

Artistic mediums beyond music may only be for the sweet tooth fantasies, Grace helped specify. “[If anything, I will master] the art of eating chocolate, just kidding, but I’m mainly into music as far as arts.” Keeping it simple and delicious may be a nice segue into the culinary arts down the line. Luckily, when not on the road and having a nice day off, Grace finds that she seeks a rush. “[I love] going to Six Flags or [taking part in] some other ‘extreme’ kind of activity, I like adrenaline. I don’t like sitting around and being lazy for too long.” Ambition runs strong for this artist in life and in her art.

The excitement continues to grow as they unveil new additions to their discography. “We had just released our debut video for Our Eyes and we have our EP that’s about to come out really soon. [We also have] a couple of shows in the L.A. area that we’re working on, including the one that we have August 2nd at The Mint opening for Distant Cousins, so stay tuned!”

Jam on.

Give a watch and a listen to Our Eyes below:


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