Interview – J Motor


Australia is truly unleashing its best musical acts out in the world these days. One such musician, J Motor, not only creates music but is a man of creative exploration across many mediums. While holding true the music vein, his unique genre of “boho/hip hop” brings an active vibrancy to the craft and then some. Luckily, the man has been delving into his own personal music and it has been nothing but perfection for many to enjoy.

The medium was an easy choice for J Motor. “Music has always been with me from a young age. Following my dreams and passion I stuck to it. As far as song writing, I was a bit of a late bloomer and started around the age of 19. [I] haven’t looked back since and [am] glad I didn’t.”

With new work on the horizon, the musician’s excitement is palpable. “I [am really excited for] my upcoming release, Rising Tide, my third single to come. I’m really going to a deeper level on this one lyrically and sonically.” Listeners will be anxiously waiting with anticipation.

Bringing the best of entertainment into his performance, J Motor is eager for more ambitious shows down the road. “I can’t wait to get to the level of festivals. It’s really where I see my music cutting through the most.”

As the man explores the various forms that his music and be viewed or listened, the effort is hard won. “The video for Meet In The Sky was much so challenging and difficult. I was on set performing 18 hours straight. [I] had an amazing time doing it, but definitely [it] was a milestone.”

Joining in the ranks of musicians across the globe, J Motor is enjoying every minute of the growing musical spectrum. “I love where music is going. I can really see there’s room for change and people are wanting songs with more depth. Lyrically, I really want to take the listener there.”

Beyond the medium, he has already touched on several aspects of creative arts. “I’ve … directed, produced and written a lot of music videos, including Meet In The Sky working with my team, and I have been working on a script for what might be a TV show or movie. I’ve always found it hard to stick to just the one craft.” A true artist never stops.

Within his music, he has breached new sounds every step of the way with the ideal mindset of anything goes. “Working with my producers, we always want to make sure no stone is left unturned. It’s great being a new artist, this way it doesn’t feel like anyone is trying to [alter] my release. I love that freedom right now.”

Musical idols are not hard to find for J Motor. “[I] love Beck and the way he bends genres. I have lots of inspiration and always look to the greats too [like] The Beatles and David Bowie.”

The art process never ends. “Right after this, I’m working on the video connect for my third release Rising Tide, I’ve always got my head in the game and the bottom line is to deliver something amazing for you guys.”

Jam On.

Give a listen and view to Meet In The Sky below: