Interview – Jeff Toste of Detroit Rebellion


Nothing satisfies the holiday spirit than with some good tunes and perhaps an ice cold drink nearby. Blues-garage rock fans will be more than happy to pair their drinks with the sounds of Detroit Rebellion, who are celebrating the vinyl issue of their 2014 release ‘The Man’ on July 21st. Let the fireworks fly! Also to follow is a northeast tour of which will sate those summer vibes all the way through. Jeff Toste of the crew gave a tiny glimpse into their musical endeavor and journey to date.

As a practitioner of the musical craft, Mr. Toste gave a simple and sweet answer to why he does it in his statement, “to heal the soul.” Luckily, their current work so far is keeping the man excited because the structure around it remains strong. “‘The Man’ LP is one of the best recordings I’ve been a part of because, to me, it feels like a cohesive record. [It’s] like the songs belong together. A lot of things I’ve done in the past seem disjointed.”

On that note, when performing lives the shows vary between ideal and rough. “We recently played at a record store closing party. A sad occasion, but it was such a great show as we, and the people, were feelin’ the connection. I [also] played a solo show this past year. One of my worst. Couldn’t get out of my head. I learned I need to stop thinking when I play.”

Within the modern music scene, Jeff thinks their is a bland feel to it all. “[There are] too many songs out there that sound like the same song.” A thought shared by many working musicians and artists who continue to push the creative boundaries in their work. For those doing it well, those juices never go out of style. “I still draw inspiration from the old school blues artists like Lightnin’ Hopkins.” Artistic focus keeps the man on the move. “I do music and filmmaking, which overlap on occasion. After the tour, we’re going to do a series of music videos.” Something music fans will be more than happy to listen and enjoy.

Take a look at some of the tour dates below and catch Detroit Rebellion in a town near you!

Jam on.

Tour dates:


07/19 – Providence, RI @ AS220

07/20 – Brooklyn, NY @ Freddy’s Bar

07/21 – Philadelphia, PA @ Warship Olympia Tattoo Convention (Seaport Museum)

07/22 – Columbus, OH @ Café Bourbon Street

07/23 – Detroit, MI @ PJ’s Lager House

07/24 – Cleveland, OH @ The Magalen

07/25 – Buffalo, NY @ Mohawk Place

07/26 – Albany, NY @ The Low Beat

07/27 – Boston, MA @ Plough & Stars