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Let there be soul and glory this unusually warm fall. Luckily, there is a sweet spot for this craving coming straight to listeners from Brooklyn musician and producer Johnny Burgos called Feelings. Not only is the tune captivating it has also been a chance for the musician to unveil the deeper meaning within his personal world beyond music. As Dauntless Media’s Dauntless Digs artist of the month, his art is spreading its wings to more fans with acclaim. The man took some time to elaborate on this tune and his place as a living musician.

Right off the bat, Johnny went into the track and its importance. “I was motivated by honest feelings and wanting to portray them in a new way musically… Then once I landed on the particular subject matter I was able to pull out a lot of real life experience and make it one of my most honest songs to date. What I landed on was telling a story of how my struggle with depression came full circle with me by realizing the effects it was having on my life beyond me, because it’s often seen as an internal struggle but the external effects were what made me finally have to deal with it.” A nice way to channel it all.

When it comes to the musical aspects of the song, Mr. Burgos had plenty to say on the matter. “Musically, my favorite part of the song is how it’s almost a little misleading in the beginning in sounding like a softer ballad and how it grows into a pretty groove heavy and epic production. It’s hard to pick my favorite part of the video, but if I had to I’d say it’s the shots where Max was able to create a multi dimensional feel with the projections over me for the performance shots. Max Skaff is going to be legend one day.”

Music was an easy career to jump into. “I don’t know how ambitious it is to do something you’re naturally compelled to do everyday and that’s what this is to me. I wake up thinking about music and I go to sleep thinking about it. I try to manage the fear about all the risks involved with it, but knowing that as ambitious as it seems, it’s really the only thing I can do in life. I’m here to tell an important story, which I don’t know all the words to yet because I’m writing it as I go.”

With a growing discography Johnny has grown attached to his work as time has passed. “… As of right now, my favorite song is Only One because it’s a song that I’m still inspired by when I listen to it and it always hits home for me… Musically, it is a very nostalgic feeling. It’s a song that reminds me of the type of music I grew up listening to.” Bringing the old into the new for an improvised musical flavor.

As far as shows go, profound human engagement is the dream. “There are many ideal performance situations. Of course some would be sharing a stage with some of my biggest influences like; Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu and D’Angelo… Then a more realistic ideal performance situation is a packed room with people who are ready to embrace my artistry and ready to have a good time to a dynamic and groovy set.”

Difficulties arise all the time and professionalism keeps everything in check for Mr. Burgos. “I’d say my most difficult was on the road with my former band, Bridge City Hustle (BCH), we were in the Midwest about to play a sold out show at Chicago’s Double Door, and I had just come down with a chest infection two days before. I coughed up blood at sound check, so I didn’t speak a word or warm up vocally until the first note of the set to try to preserve my voice. By some divine intervention, I got through the set, and some fans claimed it was one of our best sets on the run.” Respecting that rock and roll life as best he can to the core.

In 2017, the scene of the medium has changed and is still changing dramatically. “The music world is in an interesting place right now. The Internet provides so many new platforms and technology that allow us to create and release SO much content… [However], It’s not always quality, which can be overwhelming both as a listener and student/maker of music… I also think it pushes music makers to experiment more and try harder to capture feelings in the music and writing that grab listeners quickly and take them somewhere, in turn making us better at what we love to do.”

Exploring beyond the scope music is not in the cards at present. “I don’t know if I hope to, but I’m open to things. I’ve enjoyed acting in small roles before and I’m definitely intrigued by creating visuals, but I have no current aspirations to veer from music any time yet. I have a lot of talented friends in the film world that I can bother when I’m ready though!” The Oscars will have to wait then.

Changes in his music is constant. “I do it all the time. I mean, I can easily change something about a song every time I listen to it, but I’ve learned over time that letting go of an idea is usually the best thing you can do. Where I try to stop now, is at a place where I feel the intentions of the song were presented in the most creative and capturing way possible. That said, I love hearing other people’s takes on my songs and will provide anyone stems for any remixes they want to do.”

As genres wax and wane, Johnny gave his thoughts on the fluidity of it. “I think any genre is holding up as it should be. Music is art, art is life and that changes and grows as we do. I also hate boxes and feel like genres are music’s version of a box. If you consider me an R&B artist, I’d say that genre is doing great. There are a lot of amazing old and new R&B artists making inspiring and soulful music on many different levels.”

Music does not always have to take over. “I was running around all day, so I think I’m going to eat some dinner, read something and probably watch some Narcos.” Then again, time never stops for no man. “There are multiple projects I’m writing or producing for but right now, I’m really focused on the next single, as I’ve dedicated myself to releasing a song every month for a year. I’m trying to stay a month ahead of the game and still do all the necessary things to continuously grow and succeed as an artist, which my amazing team helps me with a LOT. HUGE thanks to Ben Lindell & Rob Grimaldi or EMW Music Group, Rachael Hardway of Dauntless Media, The BLKBOX Team, Amelia and Flux Studios, or I as refer to them, ‘The Dreamteam’”.

Jam on.

Give Feelings a watch and a listen below:

Listen to Johnny Burgos’ song “Feelings” below on Dauntless Digs: Artist Spotlight of the month below. Follow the playlist here to hear more artists on the rise that Dauntless Digs.



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