Interview: Julia Nunes

Musicians can sometimes be too distracted or lazy for elaborate conversations. I suspect many to be simply shy and nervous for their upcoming show or album release. I understand their concerns and am glad once they begin to open up. However, once in a blue moon I have a conversation with artists who are just so in tune with their own skin. Last week, Julia Nunes was that woman who helped save the day. She may be the most energized and passionate musician I have chatted with yet over Skype. Her persona and genuine take on music was a breath of fresh air. I could see why she has such a huge following and enjoyed our conversation thoroughly.

As always, I inquired on her success and movement in music. “I have been a performer my whole life. I wrote my first song with my fourth grade teacher and that is when I caught the bug. I tend to write songs anytime I have something to say.”

Her main avenue for success came with the dawn of the social age. “I started posting YouTube videos eight years ago thinking it was just a kind of place to put videos like Photobucket. It was a good way to put stuff there and send links somewhere else. I didn’t know people would be searching for common interests. People liked the ukulele and my sound. I wasn’t expecting it, but now I have a loyal fan base of people who like my music and also just like me as a human. I post monthly videos. Since I have started, I have performed at all six VidCon events. The first one was in a basement of a hotel while the most recent one was a full weekend where there was QR code badges; I played the arena stage! This tiny, little baby community of friends that started small has grown so much, we’re all still killing it!”

In order to maintain success in this Internet model, artists have to constantly find ways to keep their fans engaged and supportive. Luckily, Julia is the master at this. “I have ran two Kickstarters and it has really proven that people can use this model. I originally asked for $15,000 and raised $70,000! I was able to do a real album with real album money! I also tour seven to eight months out of the year. I learned that this is what it means to be a working living breathing musician.” I need Julia to be my social media advisor, as she has been to many of her friends. I shall put it on my to-do list.

Her exploration in music is quite entertaining. In fact, Julia has a unique mashup song Baby that mashes Bieber with The Supremes. “That one is a fun song. It became popular and one day some people decided to use it without my permission but the Internet knew that they stole it! My fans were the ones that caught them and it blew up in their faces.”

While her social media campaign thrives, her ambitions have not slowed down in the least. “I really want to make incredible cinematic music videos with strong storylines. I have that DIY attitude and really want to step into the cinematography music video world. One big goal I have had since I was a teenager is to have one of my songs featured in a coming of age film with the camera swirling around just as the main character is realizing their potential.” I love this idea, someone please make this happen. We need a good old ‘80s movie like this in our lives again with Julia’s tunes. “I love art and I have an aesthetic. I like things a certain way, for example, I love to organize furniture in my apartment and sketching doodles. I even cut my own hair! I love things to look the way I want them to look.”

Inspiration is rather simple for Miss Nunes. “My inspiration is just personal experience. I do not write philosophical or metaphorical songs. I need to say what I can say and boil it down to capture the feeling that I couldn’t quite in say on the fly.”

My favorite song of Julia’s is Grown a Pair. I asked if she could talk about the song a bit. “Grown a Pair is kind of a love song and admission of me wanting to be taken care of and admitting that I don’t really feel taken care of because I don’t trust you. Sometimes I think of a line and write the whole song around it.”

This woman is on fire and keeps it moving as best she can. “I have two crazy months until the new album release on September 25th. I will be making more music videos. I also have offered official Julia Nunes ukuleles for Kickstarter rewards with some featuring original doodles of my own. Basically, I am getting all my ducks in a row. I feel like I am working all the time since moving to Los Angeles, which has started a lot of changes. I have started down the path of eating healthy and working out more. I am paying attention to my self improvement. Most of all, I just love my friends and hanging out smoking weed at home. I started a pod cast that brings on one guest to read an example of who they used to be. It can be a Facebook message, e-mail or even a text example of them being an idiot. It is a way to explore who we used to be and how we got here. It can range from when I got boobs, to an e-mail to Planned Parenthood being a teenager. Oh, our first one was with the College Humor guys.”

Also, released today is Julia’s newest single, Something Bad! Check it out below! You can pre-order as well here!

Julia Nunes is the musical friend we all need. Her amazingly captivating smile and love of life is powerfully alluring. Julia’s music is only a small part of what makes this woman one of a kind. If more musicians and people in general shared this lady’s passion, the art that would explode would be astounding.Her mission has stayed the same all through it: “It is amazing for people to find a way to do what they love.” Watch, listen and become friends with Julia Nunes and see what I am talking about!


Jam On.



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