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When folks enter the collegiate world, few would be prepared for the influx of music that comes pouring through on campus. Not only that, but much of that music stays with listeners well into the future as a permanent staples in their catalogue. Musicians who leave this mark are successful in striking a resilient chord with their fans. Keaton Simons is one such man who has made this happen time and time again. Now, with the March release of his latest EP ‘123 Go’, fans have more goodness to get down to for the spring.

With hits like Crane City and Beautiful Pain the man is a master at his songwriting craft. He also recognizes their importance. “… Those are two of my favorite songs to play and are very meaningful to me and I’m glad they hold meaning for other people.” His other successes have been with old treasures like Nobody Knows that is supremely catchy that it stays in listener’s heads with ease.

2018 being in full swing, the musician laid out his plans. “[There will be] more touring and more unique appearances online. [There will also be] lots of cool collaborative things with people and lots of filming. My aesthetic is always fluid, comfortable and easy.” However, given the state of unrest surrounding this new year, Keaton brought good wishes for it all. “I always hope for love, peace and awareness. I want people to think with their mind, deal with their heart.” With that hope in mind, Mr. Simons also had his take on the musical world as well. “The world of music suffers under the influence of the music industry, but the world of music alone is magnificent.” 

As far as genre goes, there is no one place for him that is worth putting himself in. “I don’t really think about genre. I never know what genre to classify myself in, so it’s all looking good for me.” The same goes for his live shows. “Part of what I love about performing is the uniqueness of every single show, even if it’s in the same place.” The variety and eclectic adventure is sure to keep Keaton and fans inspired. 

Keaton’s musical growth continues onward in this mindset, he laid out his strategy for keeping himself ready. “[It would have to be] being creative. The more music I’m making, the more I’m on my toes musically.” He will never stop it seems.

Visual artists are easy to pick out when in the midst of musical exploration. Pablo Picasso [is one of my favorites]. I love that he was so daring, was pioneering new movements in art and kept things evolving. His work was also honest and extremely passionate. You can feel him in his works, regardless of the time period or artistic movement.” Other mediums excite the musician when not rocking out. “I love watching movies and TV. I’ve been obsessed with Rick and Morty and Mad Men on Netflix. [I also love] cooking.”

A day is never wasted, even now. “I’m driving to Los Angeles from Northern California, where I played an awesome festival in Napa called YL and TOY. My next big project is this big project, my new EP 123 Go! and all that goes along with it.”

Jam on.

Give ‘123 Go’ a listen below:

Give Crane City and Beautiful Pain a watch and a listen below:



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