Interview – LPX


Art across all mediums breeds new art left and right. Many artists experiment and create within their craft, often shifting genres, styles or simply creating something entirely one of a kind in the process. Musicians are no exception to the rule. Lizzy Plapinger, leading lady for the band MR MS and co-founder of Neon Gold Records, is in full power mode with her additional musical endeavor, LPX. With the release of her intense anthemic music video for her track, Tremble, this is a woman to marvel at.

Thoughts on the tune Tremble took things off. “It’s one of my favorite songs and videos I’ve ever made. This song was a pivotal moment in the process of becoming LPX and helped me find my voice, emotionally and literally, while also creating a blueprint for the rest of the project. It perfectly encapsulates the kind of heightened emotion, honesty and raw aggression that I’m constantly pushing myself to pour into my music. Similarly, the video was one of the first opportunities I’ve had as an artist to have complete autonomy over the visuals and it’s such a true extension of myself and aesthetic.” Naturally, discussions of favorite Muppets came into play as well. “[I love] Animal, for sure. If you catch an LPX show you’ll find a striking resemblance.”

Musically, LPX’s music is all about vivid feeling at its core. “LPX has led me to more articulately explore the line between aggression and vulnerability; vocally, sonically and lyrically. I want to keep pushing and exploring how to manipulate expectations of my own energy.”

LPX is Lizzy’s proudest moment thus far. “I’ve been dreaming about this project for so long that at this point every show I get to do as LPX feels like a fantasy realized. It’s one thing to release music online to an anonymous audience, but it’s another to be standing right in front of people and delivering the music face to face. I’m pinching myself every night on this sold out HAIM tour… It’s electric to hear and perform the songs live, as they were written to be. I just want to play to as many people as possible. I’ll love it whether playing to a small clubroom or on a festival stage. I give 200% no matter the venue.”

As 2017 builds up even more music, Lizzy remains proud of the results and recognizes the impact it holds. “With the world in the state it is I feel more closely connected to the importance of music and art than ever… It provides solace, empathy, distraction and community. I feel a responsibility to bring truth and sincerity to whatever I make and in turn hope it gives the listener whatever they need from it in that moment.”

When not delving into the craft LPX is experimenting to the limit. “One of the best things about being an artist is that I’m able to combine and take advantage of all the creative mediums that I love! [I enjoy] film, dance, fashion, photography and design. I’m able to weave in and out of so many artistic outlets with the music as the driving force. I’m constantly writing music video treatments, designing stage clothes, working on single/EP/album artwork and merchandise. I see LPX as a whole universe beyond the music.”

Days off are eagerly awaited with relish even as she continues to stay on the move. “… I’m dyiinngggg to see [the movie] Mother! I love Darren Aronofsky. [I also love] vintage shopping, the best is in the middle of the country. I’m in the middle of a tour opening for HAIM on their sold out tour and currently driving from Oakland to Santa Barbara. So I’m listening to the new War on Drugs record on repeat in the car.”

Jam on.

Give Tremble a watch and a listen below: