Interview: Max and The Moon

Finally made it back to the rock and roll word for a moment. I reached out to a band that continues to turn heads to make people love music all over again. The band I am talking about is the hip Max and the Moon. With their great sound, I wanted to learn more about what makes them tick and create. The crew kindly took the time to answer some of my questions in their world.

First off, I wanted to know how Max and the Moon began. “We all kind of grew up together and played in other bands though out our very early careers… Finally Matt and John got together and decided, ‘why don’t we both take turns leading vocals in our songs.’ After that, Zachariah and Dillon joined in and being best friends has really pushed us all as a band and take on any challenge that comes at us.”

Since they are relatively new, I was curious to hear about their greatest work. “I think our latest songs on our ‘MATM EP’ have really made all of us the most proud. We poured a lot of emotion and tried to allow our natural writing instinct come through in those songs… We also got to really dig in on the details of each tune.”

As they peruse the music space, they are eager for more exciting venues. “We’ve had a lot of really cool shows and have been very fortunate… I think for all of us, playing a larger festival would be awesome, like Coachella or Lollapalooza! We like to have a lot of fun on stage and being at a festival would make us feel right at home.”

Even in their early start, they have had some difficult adventures. “Well, we had a show up in San Francisco, CA… It was very hard to actually get to. Our tour van broke down on the 5 North in the middle of the afternoon and we had to be at load in in like four to five hours. So, we got a short tow to a very small repair shop, which I’ve looked back now and can’t find any address for it at all (thanks again Maricio). Then got a ride to Hanford, CA. from the mechanic’s friend so we could rent a small VW Jetta. We shoved everything we could on our laps and borrowed amps at the show. We were supposed to go on at 10:35 PM and barely showed up to the venue at 10:30 PM as the band before us finished their last tune. Then we loaded onto the stage and basically began our set after a short line check. Absolutely one of the most stressful days we’ve all encountered together as a band. Oooohh! Aaand our sound guy got locked inside of the enterprise rental car location ‘cause the managers didn’t check the bathroom and locked up and left. So that pushed us back even more on the way up. It was crazy.” They survived it and are still kicking!

Their views on the music world are full of eager exploration. “We feel very excited about it because there is so much talent out there. As musicians we get excited and obsessed over other artist’s music… It seems there is no limit to the creativity that has been on the rise these past few years. We’re also excited to have a little influence on it, even if it’s not much yet, the future of the music world looks very inviting and open to bands and our strain of writing.”

Music is not the only medium these gentlemen are masters of; they continue to explore other mediums. “All of us are first and foremost, artists… We all really enjoy exploring other mediums or being entertained by them. Zachariah writes a lot of short stories and Dillon is a photographer. So, we all have interests that may someday become a side production for us… For now, at least, it’s all about the music.”

My favorite song of theirs is The Walk.  However, I was curious to know if there was anything they could add or change anything about your music for your means. “I think in retrospect there’s always stuff you’d want to play better or make more current to the climate of music but that’s just a part of art. I think a long time ago we learned to let go and just be as honest as possible in the creative process with both each other and ourselves. It’s the easiest way to create something without regret and to accept a piece of art as a statement of that time.”

An eclectic taste has helped these guys find their unique sound along the way. “I think we all have some favorite artists and bands that we are inspired by but as a band we always shoot for getting inspired by certain aspects of many different musicians and artists. We all really enjoy our friend Zella Day and Sir Sly… We also get really excited and inspired by bands like Coldplay and Phoenix, as well.” Those are all excellent inspirations to choose from.

Max and the Moon remain busy and show no signs of slowing down. “We are playing a lot of shows like Echo Park Rising and Lobsterfest in LA and a couple more up in SF again. So, we’re very excited to be at it live more. Well, we’re always writing and right now we’re focusing on getting our new ideas and music together. We are always looking forward at what we’re doing next.” Keep an eye out for these guys and get ready for some great tunes. Give them a listen folks!


Jam On.


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