Interview – Million Miles

Photo Credit - Sequoia Ziff

Summer has finally arrived and with it the familiar unrelenting heat! Listeners far and wide returning back from their Father’s Day festivities of the weekend by the pool barbecuing are sure to seek some solace with tunes along the way. With the season’s release schedule of non-stop musical goodies, it is hard to truly find something worthwhile at times. Searching beyond the amplified sound waves and even within, listeners will be pleased with some European soul mixed in with Nashville blues from the captivating Million Miles. With her deep stories from life, she brings a breath of fresh air to the music scene with the release of her latest single, If Only and her impressive suite of tunes from 2017. To elaborate on her adventures to date, Million Miles took time to share it all.

Some of her top tracks to jam to are easy selections like Ice Cream & Cigarettes and If Only. “… I’m over the moon with how people have been reacting to Ice Cream & Cigarettes, it’s been really amazing. I’ve had If Only sitting on ice for a while, so I am excited for it to come out and for people to finally hear it.” Good news, listeners can jam to it everywhere now!

Her journey in music continues to develop as she grows. “I’ve been back and forth to Nashville focusing on writing, I feel like Ice Cream & Cigarettes is a really good introduction to my music, so I’ve been digging deeper into my life and personal experiences for new inspiration.” As she practices the craft, her journey is full of quick changes. “Musically, If Only, which my friends over at Noon Pacific are releasing, [is our next big bit]. I’ll be back and forth to the states for some shows, working on new music and aesthetically and I should probably buy some new slippers for the stage.” Keep an eye out for those slippers music fans.

As the intensity of 2018 never seems to abate, Million Miles does not let that deter her optimistic feelings. “I’m hopeful, I think everything that happened in 2017 has obvious spurred people on this year and it’s really wonderful to see the changes that are happening with people coming together, listening to each and showing some more compassion. I hope this carries on.”

Beyond music, Million Miles keeps her involvement in other mediums of art easily. “I’ve been working with an amazing photographer from LA called Sequoia Ziff, she’s incredibly talented and has an amazing eye. She shot both the videos for Ice Cream & Cigarettes and Can’t Get Around A Broken Heart. I had been a big fan of hers and then we hooked up in London, then after a couple of glasses of wine she became part of the Million Miles world! For me she’s been able to capture what the music of Million Miles is visually.”

Summer movies are hard for her to grasp at the moment. “I’m so late to every film, I literally only watched Good Will Hunting about four months ago, I like my classic films, so I’ll probably watch this summer’s blockbuster in 2034.”   

The thrill in music is encouraged by the company she keeps. “The musicians I record with and the potential people I might collaborate with [are exciting to me]. There is nothing more inspiring than being in the studio with amazing musicians watching them play or with another artist writing and collaborating, this constantly keeps me on my toes.”

Despite the crowded environment in music, that just makes her more interested in the magic going on around her. “It’s an interesting and exciting time, my favorite artists are coming from all over the place and making music in completely different ways, in their bedrooms on laptops to the opposite like myself where we record everything live to tape in one take. For me, the accessibility and choice at the moment makes the music world an exciting place to be.”  

Her creative energy is never sated. “I’m a dab hand with a few pencils and watercolors, I really love getting a weekend where I can sit and paint or draw, it’s a great way to get out of the studio and focus on something other than music which for me is important.” When she is not creating she is doing the next best thing. “[I will be getting some] sleep.”

More music and shows are well on the way! “I have a new EP coming later this year which I’m really excited about, I have shows in UK and I’ll be back and forth to the states to play some more shows in a couple of months. It’s all go at the moment, so exciting times are coming!”

Jam on.

Give If Only and Ice Cream & Cigarettes a listen and a watch below: