Interview: Mobley

Ladies and gentlemen, it is pretty damn hot out there. Luckily, there is the perfect thing to cool down to and that is the music from the one and only, Mobley. The man is the epitome of musical dedication. He took the DIY approach early on to learn and create some masterful tunes. Not only is his music addicting, apparently, his live performances adds onto it all. The man himself took some time to share a bit about his musical and aesthetic journey to date.

To start his simple love for music was always with him. “I can hardly remember what set it all in motion. I was filling notebooks with melodic ideas and songs, even before I knew how to play an instrument.” It seems the inspiration was always there, all that was needed were the tools to make it happen.

Mobley’s show ambitions are quite clear. “If you’re talking about dream venues, the International Space Station would be pretty cool.” Not only would that show be one of a kind, it would fit his theme of musical art and then some. The only question is, how can all of his fans make it up there too? Listeners will have to be patient and wait to hear more on this. Fingers crossed music and space lovers!

As mentioned earlier, Mobley’s musicianship is paired beautifully with his stage performances. He elaborated a bit more on that. “In my show, I try and create a convincing illusion for the audience, to hide the ropes and pulleys and trap doors so that the audience can’t tell exactly how I’m doing what I’m doing. Accordingly, even if I encounter some challenge during my set, I’m practiced at concealing it from my audience so that the spell isn’t broken.” It’s a musical magic show. Mobley somehow finds a way to match up catchy tunes to a full live art experience.

Music is not his only medium. “Mobley is already a multimedia production. I studied film in college and I direct my music videos; I produce visuals and choreograph lights and dance for my live show; I’m a music producer; I’ve scored plays. My creative process isn’t really confined to one medium. For instance, I often simultaneously compose songs and the lights shows that will accompany them in my live performance.” He is a total renaissance man. Aspiring artists can take a few notes from his efforts here.

Mobley also does not stick to one type of musical genre. “I’m constantly experimenting. As both an artist and producer, I spend countless hours in my studio with instruments and recording equipment, hunting for the sounds and concepts I want until I capture them or they elude me.” There will be more journeys to be had as his work evolves. “I cast a pretty wide net in my musical tastes and I’ve drawn influence from so many great artists (musicians or otherwise), but I’d hesitate to even mention anyone for fear it might sound like I’m comparing myself to them. Besides, I want listeners to experience my music with fresh ears and open minds whenever possible.”

The man remains busy, he shared his latest installment. “We’re working to secure wide release for my first full-length album, ‘Fresh Lies.’” Keep a lookout for this new musical adventure. However, to sate listening curiosity, just watch his music video below for the epic song, Solo.


Jam On.


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