Interview – Mucity


Music fans are in for a real treat coming all the way from Mother Russia herself. With the genre of house music never really dying out, some lucky souls are still paving their own path to unleash original catchy sounds. One such individual is the Moscow-based DJ and producer, Mucity of the the label Raw Russian. Delving back into the heart of house music, Mucity has released his latest danceable EP ‘Dreams’. Inside this vault of pure musical gold is Mucity’s true captivating talent and inventive drive.

The title track, Dreams, is one to note. “That was the last track on my EP. I wanted to make this one a little different. I watched some retro commercials from the 80s, made in Peru and some other great ads from the American 80s. So, I was inspired mainly by this decade, but tried to make this from a modern perspective.” It has all the right feels and brings the power.

As the genre continues to wax and wane, Mucity remains optimistic on its place in music. “I think it’s going really well. I see a lot of people around making great house music. I think it is because the focus shifted from commercial to more art-like production… The house music is becoming once again a voice of creativity.”

Musical exploration is at the forefront of this man’s passion. “I am still amazed by an analog domain, there is still so much to understand and to explore. I do also dig some early trance music and some of the 60s psychedelic experiments.” When asked about his work, he wants to keep pushing. “I think it’s hard to say, I am still not satisfied with the results, the best is yet to come.”

Performances are sure to be memorable as time goes on. “I think of [someday] playing house music live, with all the drum machines connected, and a strong singer singing the lyrics… I’m into real music that’s meant only for live presentation.”

Not every show is ideal, especially when he utilizes his other musical talents. “I mostly DJ, so the hardest performance is when you are not able to hook the crowd good enough and start to stress. That happened to me a couple of times in the beginning.” Practice makes perfect for that role in the end.

When inquired about music overall, mainstream music holds no attraction to Mucity. “I do not like modern pop music and am tired of trap and other stuff. I’m glad that there is some room for the underground [scene] lately.”

Music is still his medium of choice in his current state. “[I] don’t think there is that much. As a graphic designer in the past, I do like some visual arts. I hope to shoot some films in the future, but I always put my music first.”

Since summer is in its final days, summer movies are hard to come by. “[I] don’t really know what’s in the cinemas right now. Heard that there is a remake of It, would like to watch that…” When not working the music magic, down time is easy to find. “I feel like my whole life is a day off, but when I have a chance I spend my time with the family or friends… [I also] really dig watching some science or history stuff and exploring the world that I live in.”

Jam on.

Give ‘Dreams’ a listen below: