Interview – Patrick Paige II

Photo Credit - Justin Brown

Let the sunshine finally melt the winter away and bring the spring vibes to their full effect! City-goers are now free to wander the streets enjoying the cool breeze and to dream of the summer yet to come. Then again, it actually feels like summer with this sudden heat. Naturally, with all of these optimistic feelings and temperatures, stellar music is never too far behind. Patrick Paige II, a familiar name in the music world thanks to to his work as bassist/producer with The Internet, is set to release his debut solo album, ‘Letters of Irrelevance’ on May 18th. It will be a mix of eclectic sounds showcasing Mr. Paige’s extensive range of talent in his craft. The man himself gave some time to elaborate a bit on this ambitious endeavor and to explore his artistry in today’s climate.

Right off the bat, he went into simple detail with the album in question. “The body of work was really just another way for me express everything I couldn’t in my journal. Most of these are very personal songs for me so they’re basically a look into my ‘diary’ so to speak, ha-ha! The music that came with it was just whatever I felt at the time… It’s definitely a showcase of my musical evolution. I’m always growing, always trying to outdo my myself, so I’m always evolving… A lot of this is new for me, I’m rapping and singing. This is definitely me breaking out of the shell.” Well, listeners will be overjoyed nonetheless this summer with it all.

Patrick has continued high hopes for this album as the year progresses. “I’d like to see my album go as far as it can sonically, shit, I want awards for this shit man; Grammys, BET Awards and World Music Awards, I want it all, ha-ha! I put everything I had into this album. Mainly, I want my music to touch people. I hope I can help someone with my story. I just want to make an impact on the world somehow.”

Beyond his solo work, he remains busy with his other music affiliations and his constant creative growth. “Musically, what’s new for me this year aside from my own album, is the new Internet album, that’s going to be fire, like super stupid dumb fire! I’m excited for that. I want to continue writing more and producing. I never want to lose inspiration, but there’s too much in the world to not be inspired constantly. I’m already [planning] my next project and I’d like to do an EP or something. [I’ll probably] release it later on in the year or next year. Aesthetically, I’d like to brand myself somehow and really make a name for myself. [I want to] lay a proper foundation for myself. I want to start dressing better, ha-ha! I’d like to keep my image up.”

Fine art helps keep him involved in the space beyond just the music medium. “… I follow a few people on Instagram who are really dope, there are so many but the one I can think of off the top of my head is Masu. and my friend Khadija Murray, we went to high school together she’s been dope forever. There’s so many I just can’t think of them all. Pvndo is one of my best friends and he’s tight as hell too! [He makes] amazing art and is an amazing guy. Matt’s always had good art pieces as well.”

This summer will be another entertaining one as The Internet is set to play at the Brooklyn Afropunk Festival yet again at the end of August and Patrick is looking forward to it. “Hell yeah! I love playing Afropunk, its a super fun festival.” Brooklynites will be dutifully waiting to hear them at their stage with glee. Keep an ear and eye out for them. 

Other musicians inspire Mr. Paige’s creativity nonstop and they are a solid bunch to listen to. “I love watching other artists, Thundercat is a really good friend of mine and honestly the best bass player I’ve ever seen. I’ll probably never be as good as him, but that keeps me practicing though. Robert ‘Bubby’ Lewis is another good friend who is ridiculous on bass also, he’s a super inspirational guy so that keeps me going. I just love watching other friends evolve, there are so many man. Justus West and my friend Buddah is killer on the bass, I feel like I have to keep up with these guys, ha-ha!”

Within the craft, Patrick thinks music is doing just fine. “I feel like music is in a good place, there’s so much good music out there right now and there’s so many outlets to go find it. There’s music out there for everyone, whether you want substance, or want to do substances, ha-ha! There’s something for everyone.”

When not jamming out, the man loves to chill, skate and celebrate with friends. “I like watching other people play. I really enjoy cartoons and I like watching different shows with my girlfriend. It all depends on my mood you know? My best day off activity is roller skating. I LOVE roller skating, I’d go crazy without it. I go like two to three times a week. Shout out to my crew Soul Rollers, ha-ha! It’s actually Mac Demarco’s birthday today as I’m answering these questions, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN, ha-ha! One of the coolest guys I’ve ever met, super genuine, I’m gonna go to his spot later and hang out.”

Jam on.

Give On My Mind / Charge It To The Game a watch and a listen below: