Interview – Phenix

It’s time to listen to some tunes while rising from the ashes after this wild winter. Rockstar, Phenix, is unleashing a stunning collection of music for listeners to enjoy in these crazy times. As the warmth of spring slowly approaches, people will be seeking an outdoor escape and a reason to dance freely.  With the release of her new self-titled EP, ‘Phenix,’ there will be plenty of goodness seeping out for all. Phenix is paving her own path and is eager for the adventure to grow.

Music was an easy addition to her life early on. “I guess there was never really a moment I saw any other path for my life. I started writing music when I was eight years old, singing way before that, and it was just my natural direction. I’ve had a constant need for expression and letting my voice be heard.”

Phenix’s creativity is always on the go. “There is a lot of music I am working on now behind closed doors that I am so attached to. As you journey through life as an artist and a person, you continue to grow and see different elements of yourself being expressed… It’s a jubilant time for me right now. The music on this EP I wrote a year ago [is a good example] and I already have four albums ready to fire [next]. I never stop writing. I just wrote this song called Venus and she’s like my baby right now… I can’t get enough of her, she’s so precious.” Fans will surely be overjoyed!

As for her performance goals, the musician could not have chosen and more detailed way to take things to new heights. “I would love to arrive at Madison Square Garden in a burning car to my sold out show and be carried in by my dancers to the crowd… [I want to] walk through them covered in soot, rocking a Mohawk. [I also want to] have my red grand piano rise from the bottom of the stage and light it on fire as I rock out with soul… I’ll let you know how that feels in a year or two!”

Luckily, bad performances have not yet hindered this star’s style or progress. “I don’t think I’ve had a performance that was truly difficult for me yet. I keep pushing myself more and more to develop a show that will challenge me because I believe that will be the next level I am aiming for… For right now, the only difficult thing that stumps my performance is when I forget my smoke machine. Gotta have the smoke machine!”

Phenix’s take on the music space is a rather interesting one, a call to creative arms one might say. “I have many feelings about the music world today… They go up and down and all around. There’s much to say and much to be analyzed… To get straight to the point on where I always land after hours of grueling thoughts and conversations about the topic, which I have daily inside my head and with others, is that it’s time for an icon. It’s time for a visionary. It’s time for an artist with more to say and less to shake. It’s time for something raw and real… It’s a mission for creatives to use their art to impress upon the people. The radio is boring, and I no longer listen to it because it doesn’t make me feel anything. I want to feel something and I know the people do too. I’m bringing a little Janis back in my soul and I aim to be that. I am that artist.”

When she is not making music, the musician is hard at work with the other elements that come along with medium. “… I write all of my music and alongside that I follow through the entire vision production process. I co-produce my music and have ventured on to solely producing as well. I also engineer for myself at times and when it comes to photo and music video imagery, I put together all concepts, itineraries, and breakdowns. I style it, I direct it, and then I sit down and follow through with the edits. The people around me have taught me so much by allowing me to press the buttons and learn the process. Now I know how to make what I see in my head come to life from the conception of the thought, to the release of the art.”

As the music medium expands with time, a flexible approach is attempted. “I am a super analytical person and I have to be careful when I deal with my art. I keep going until I get all the feeling out in the booth. Whenever that moment is is when I let it be because that is what it’s meant to be… I keep an open mind and go off the energy. I am excited when new weird things happen, I love the unexpected.”

There are plenty of influences to admire. “Lady Gaga has inspired me greatly. Her proud and empowered persona and how she lets her humanity and weakness out on her canvas, not in a victimizing character, but in that of a warrior. Her [soul] and [mine] are the same. She’s got a Phenix in her. So did Janis Joplin… So does Sia. Those are three artists at the top of my list that I feel draw the most relation to my artistic character. Evanescence, Lorde, Alanis Morissette, and Linda Perry are others who I have studied immensely.”

The woman shows no signs of slowing down. “For the rest of the day I will be In the studio and then [will] hit the gym before I call it a night! [I’m] always pushing. I have multiple songs on a to-do list daily and it never seems to shorten because as I finish them I already wrote that much more. I am working on carving the ‘Phenix’ sound out each and everyday, letting it bend and grow naturally and giving it my full attention. You will be hearing a lot from me soon! I’ll have another release this year and I’m gearing up for a tour. Just kicked off the ‘So Gone Tour’ at Exit/In here In Nashville last Friday and I’ll be in Charlotte, NC in a couple weeks!”

Jam On.

Upcoming tour dates:

4/15/16 – Epic Center Wild Wings, Charlotte NC

4/16/17 – Whisky River Charolette, NC

5/06/17 – The Social Orlando FL

5/11/17 – Music Room, Atlanta GA

5/12/17 – W Hotel, Atlanta GA

6/10/17 – Apache Cafe, Atlanta



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