Interview: PONCÉ


Sometimes a Nashville flair is all that is needed to welcome the well-deserved spring. Indie pop-rock duo, PONCÉ, who have released their new single Elevator from their new EP ‘Afterglow’ set to drop on April 28th, are musicians who can easily help listeners on their spring awakening. Twin brothers Carson and Michael Poncé offer a comprehensive taste in their musical vibes. That blend gives their music an additional flair and original sound. To better grasp their appeal, PONCÉ were kind enough to enlighten listeners on their journey to date.

The musical medium was an easy gateway into their current status. “Music has always been a huge passion and love of ours since we were kids, so it wasn’t so much about attempting music as it was deciding this would be the track we head down and committing to it 24/7.”

As their discography grows, the men shared their favorite pieces. “I’m extremely excited for our new EP ‘Afterglow’ coming out in April. It explores a lot of different sounds and is paints a pretty eclectic picture of our sound. On that record I’m really proud of the song Whoa Dakota. We recorded the EP at Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, and Whoa Dakota has a really great warm and intimate sound to it, which we got by recording full band live takes and some strategic mic placement that complimented the room really well.”

Performance wise, the duo have some ideal aspirations moving forward. “We haven’t played a major music festival yet, but I will be super stoked once we do. So much great music to be discovered. It’s always a party and it’s a very optimistic and uplifting environment. Being a part of something like that would mean a lot to us.”

Despite being on the road, it is not always fun and games for the talented musicians. “We once played a house show in a college-town basement with some standing water and [sketchy looking] electrical outlets in a crowded room. Definitely knew there was a chance of dying that night, ha-ha.” Glad they lived to tell the tale!

The expanding music scene offers much to ponder. “I think there is a lot of exciting opportunity and possibilities for music currently and in the future. As technology evolves I think there will be some very interesting and unique ways to record, listen and digest music… At the end of the day it comes back to the song.” That being said, music is not their only medium of interest. “Michael works a lot in video production and shooting which he has a background in. I would love to explore new media coinciding with music, as well as acting, ha-ha.”

Within the musical arts, they are constantly exploring their skills in the craft. “I’m working really hard on my producing skills and committing myself to the relationship between the creative process and going with my gut. I think decision making and commitment is something you have to feel with instinct. I’m also adding a lot to my recording setup so I can dive deeper into sounds and writing.”

There are some easy examples of musical influences along the way to keep the duo focused. “… Bruno Mars and Bruce Springsteen are can’t miss … and having seen them live or on tape is always super inspiring. [I] love Haim and can’t wait for new music from them, and always and forever ADELE.”

There is little delay in their musical doings, it is full steam ahead for PONCÉ. “[I am] going to play around making tracks for a workout dance class and then probably see some friends later tonight. I’ve got roughly six songs ready for a follow-up EP, but may go for a full-length or split it up, can’t decide… The biggest work will be the production and planning for it. I hear it all in my head how it should sound and I’ve gotta go find it.” The journey never stops!

Keep an eager ear out for their EP ‘Afterglow’ in April and listeners will be set to be pleasantly surprised as PONCÉ make their way across the United States. Fans can catch them live at the following dates here. Just listen to Elevator below and join in.

Jam on.