Interview – Raising Cadence

Photo Credit - Kayla Surico

It is time for some alternative pop-rock goodness for the ears. The genre of choice is a mixed bag with tons of opportunities to follow in this 2017. With powerful energy and adventurous spirit, Raising Cadence is a prime example of musicians making that magic happen. Their new EP, ‘Take Me Higher’ set to be released at the end of October, is what stellar music is all about. Emotion will be the key here as listeners step into a new world.

Key track off of the new EP is the self-titled song, Take Me Higher. The band had plenty to say about it. “…We love how the song came out. Since the idea of the song came up, we wanted to really take advantage and have fun with combining a collection of pop-stylings, latin harmonies and progressive rock rhythm.”

As their genre grows, so do their thoughts on it all. “At our core, we are a rock band. People have always asked if rock music is dying, but it’s continuously growing. Our goal as a band is to bring a fresh sound. We don’t believe we’re confined to any specific genre.”

Musically, their performances and new music evolution continue to expand. “Together, we would love to explore new ways to improve our live experience with choreography and creating elaborate stage sets. Also, we want to explore new ways of structuring our songs to keep our edgy progressive sound while forming a live soundscape to give our fans more of a show than just a rock show.”

Their adventures have only begun and they are taking it all in stride. “For us being such a young band, our favorites are a lot of first timers, such as our first music video [I Define Every Movement]. That’s one of our favorites because we had a vision that we all grouped together to form for the video and to be able to see it come to life and exceed our expectations was mind-blowing. Another favorite of ours that stands out is our first tour we went on. This last July we went out of our comfort zone and assembled a Southeast tour. We were able to make great connections with bands and venues, explore cities we’ve never been to before and even make a profit by the end of the tour.”

On the road, their greatest dream will take them onto the great beyond. “We’d love to perform in a number of extravagant or odd places, but one of our largest long-term goals is to be the first band to play on the moon. Despite how overwhelmingly farfetched it may seem, we believe we can achieve this in our lifetime.”

Rough sets are not that bad so far. “Thankfully our most difficult show was an overall positive experience. Toward the beginning of our career we had accepted a three-hour cover set with only a handful of covers under our belt and less than two weeks to learn the rest. We had technical difficulties and mistakes were made, but we closed the night with great energy a dance-floor full of people.”

Music as a whole is a long story to describe thoroughly, but Raising Cadence have a good idea on how to handle it going forward. “The state of the music world is very misunderstood. Many would complain about modern music but we believe that what’s popular reflects the topics that are on people’s minds and hearts. There are lessons to be learned from any style; we simply want to focus on the positive and separate from the negative.”

Beyond music, other mediums are easy to choose from. “Actually, improv acting is a favorite pastime of ours. Acting is very similar to music; it can be performed with anyone, anywhere and demands emotion, wit and flow. At the same time, acting is different enough from music that it gives us an entertaining break from our music-filled lives.”

Summer movies and free time have helped the crew stay relaxed as they prepare to unveil new music. “Unfortunately, we can’t agree on one summer movie, but some of our favorites include Spider-Man: Homecoming, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Baby Driver. Band Beach Days are another favorite of ours, but we’re all big fans of new experiences and places or simply hanging out together. Thankfully, we’ve learned that we can entertain ourselves in any situation.”

Work never seems to end even on the low-key days. “Today is one of our bi-weekly band-days. For the rest of the day we’ll be talking business and playing some new song ideas. After we release our new EP, ‘Take Me Higher’ we plan to go on a two week tour to follow the release sometime in early 2018. Meanwhile, we’ll continue writing and recording to lead up to our debut LP.”

Jam on.

Give a listen to Take Me Higher below: