Interview – Sam Cash & The Romantic Dogs

Canadian music is taking over with ease this spring! Toronto men, Sam Cash & The Romantic Dogs, have released their new music video for their track Carmen to kick this season into high gear. Their debut video is a part of their album ‘Tongue-In-Cheek Vows’ that is full of musical bliss. The men are making sweet noise that will please many listeners even deep into the hot summer. Bandleader Sam gave a little glimpse into their world to date.

Music was an easy introduction to Mr. Cash. “Both my parents were in the music industry when I was growing up, [Andrew Cash], so it’s in my blood. I’ve been surrounded by it from day one. This is all I’ve ever wanted to do, since as early as I can remember.”

Among their discography, Sam gave a mention of his favorite work. “I’m very proud of this most recent record, ‘Tongue-In-Cheek Vows.’ I think the band was really locked in on this record, and I think we pay attention to lyrics in a way that a lot of bands aren’t doing these days. We try not to mess with the song too much, and let the lyrics/story shine through as much as possible, which is something that can be overlooked in a ‘rock band.’”

Ideal venues run rampant for musicians, but Sam had a particular spot that tickled his fancy. “We’ve played a lot of great shows over the years. It’s hard to pick one. There’s a venue in Toronto called Massey Hall, very old and historic building. I think that’s a dream gig for any musician who has been raised in Toronto.” Canadian pride at its best.

Luckily, the professionals are keeping the performances in check. “No horror stories so far. We played a show once where I had food poisoning and our guitar player Matt had to miss the gig for a family emergency. So we had two strikes against us on the one… The show must go on, as they say.”

The modern music world seems to have more hope in Sam’s eyes than most give it credit for. “It’s an interesting time, that’s for sure… It’s not all bad. I think the way the music is being made now, with many people being able to set up decent home studios, and how it is consumed has benefitted pop music in a lot of ways. People are making some really interesting stuff that I don’t think would be able to be put out if the old industry model still existed.” That being said, music may not be his only medium of exploration, “It’s always been a dream of mine to put out a book of short stories, or a novel. I’d like to start working on that ASAP.” Break out that pen sir.

Within their music, ambitions continue to run new heights. “… The band is a pretty sparse arrangement, just two guitars, bass, drums, and we don’t have any wild guitar solos or anything. So it’s pretty stripped down, which I love… I definitely am starting to explore other sonic directions for the next batch of songs. Some more harmonies would be nice.”

One artist stands out for the musician that helps keep them inspired. “There’s this band called Dawes that I really love. They have a focus on songwriting that seems like it’s getting more and more lost. They operate their business in a very cool way, it’s clear they have a small operation, but they make a living, and can sell out venues all over.”

Work never ends for the man. “I bartend part time in the evenings. So I have to work later on, I’m just hanging out until then… [There is] no ‘big’ project per se, just trying to get some songs going for the next record.”

Jam on.

Give Carmen a watch and a listen below:



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