Interview: Shanee Pink
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Interview: Shanee Pink

I do not know what it is about this summer and beautiful female musicians. Are they just crowding all over the space to make us all smile and dance? If that is the case, I am a happy man. One lady in particular took some time to chat with me last week as she was traveling across the free Californian landscape. This wonderful musician is Shanee Pink. We had a pleasant roadside talk and I was fortunate to learn a bit more about this musician’s work in the field.

I caught Shanee via a rock and roll style drive on the Cali road to Los Angeles with the ocean in the background. I was already stunned by her beauty and most impressed with her relaxed demeanor as the sunshine peeked into her car. I kept my cool and we got right into it. She shared with me how music began in her life. “It started when I grew up in family of musicians. I was the music fan of my siblings that were all musicians. I tried to take part in background lyrics and in their music writing and creation. Eventually, I taught myself to play guitar, I am not great but I can do it. My real thing was to write; I always wanted to be in that world collaborating in music. Writing was my way to deal with things as a teenager like divorce or heartbreak. Writing it out is good but musicians can sing it out. It was a form of therapy. People around of me were musicians and mentors whose advice helped me get to where I am today. I was educated by other musicians and learned how to write as I tried life in music. I wasn’t planning on [music]; I heard that saying where if you spend 10,000 hours on something, you can be good at it. Since I had been doing it for the last eight to ten years, I should just continue.”

Being a musician requires a vast learning curve that is substantial for success. However, the creativity aspect of it all varies across many artistic spaces. “If you become obsessed enough you get good at it. I used to live in NY and wrote my early songs while living with a musician who was very passionate and taught me a lot about music and production. That experience inspired me to grow lot from that after seven years in NY. Rockwood Music Hall was my second home and that was in the days when it just opened. I played live shows everywhere even played on the subway. I learned stage performance and how to be comfortable onstage. Compared to L.A., wow, it is nice here in Cali. There are lots of jamming on couches with people.”

Shanee keeps her eyes open for new adventures, especially ones that have more worth in her mind. “I will always be making music, but lately I have been looking for meaning in my life. I want to find something to do more and finding a way for helping others. Music can be kind of selfish and I’m getting tired of, ‘hey I have a song, listen to me.’ I feel like it is not enough anymore. I would like to start teaching people how to connect with their voices, especially women. It would be great to help them realize who they are, what they want and how they can be confident in their lives. I need to expand even though I have been in film production and have had various odd jobs in life.”

Her social ambitions are supported by her exploration of other mediums. “I have been making music videos lately and love visual art. I actually do a lot of visual design work with posters and graphic design with colors and shapes. I love to design graphically for fun and like to collaborate with other artists.”

Influences range from across the great years of music. Unfortunately, the rapid change and explosion of music today has raised some concerns for this musician. “I grew up listening music from Davis Bowie, Blondie and Depeche Mode yet I have a very eclectic taste. I love classic rock but then again I like anything that sounds good, if it’s sincere. I kind of have mix feelings for many artists I respect, even though quality music is dead. I am a big fan of Arcade Fire and it is so great to see what the music festival scene is nowadays. However, television events like the MTV Music Awards and Grammys make me question it all. ‘Do I really want to be a part of it? Not all of it.’ Take Taylor Swift for example, I kind of appreciate her and she is fun, but mainstream music is so empty. Sometimes I question myself thinking, ‘is there something wrong with me? Do I not get it?’ When I visit Europe, I get hopeful. The vibe there is cool. There is still room for us who write with integrity. I feel like America is pushing us away and pushing me away.”

So there you have it, the lovely Shanee Pink and her musical glory. This gal remains busy and will be releasing her new album ‘Twin Flame’ August 28th. To get you all a bit excited, if you are not already, here is her latest single Brutal Heart to obsess over. I think you will be very pleased. Also, go old school and check out some of my favorites of her past stuff with Irresistible and The Future Believe.


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Written by Myles Hunt

Music fan, simple and sweet.

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