Interview – SIR


For those listeners who survived the American holiday events, there is still time to keep the groove going. Denver locals, SIR are helping folks get back into the good vibes of summer and keep them year round. Despite the craziness of the fireworks and the endless beach bums, SIR will most likely continue pushing those events onwards until summer’s end. With the release of their latest single, Go, the crew are well on their way into the musical stratosphere with high acclaim. Musicians Sarah Angela and Luke Mehrens were more than happy to elaborate on their work and then some.  

Right off the bat, their single is the epitome of the warmest season at hand. “Go is our shoutout to Summertime festivals and taking break from everyday life. We recorded it in LA, so some of that West Coast (90s) vibe seeped into it. You can hear it most towards the end. “We’ve only recorded one album as of yet and [this is the] only one song is released but we’re really fucking proud of it.”

When asked who their favorite Muppet was, Luke honored his inner beast. “This will seem so obvious since I’m a drummer, but who doesn’t love Animal? He’s always happy to play and never has any drama, the perfect bandmate.” Sarah had an equally flamboyant Muppet as well. “Bip Bippadotta, all day! If you haven’t heard or seen the video for Mahna Mahna, do yourself a favor and check it out.”  

Both musicians had their pick of ideal venues to perform at. Sarah’s was close to home. “I grew up in the NW and have always dreamt of playing The Gorge, ‘one year goals.’” Luke had high aspirations too. “I would love to play a huge festival like Coachella and look out at that sea of people.” Both are bound to happen sooner or later.

While on the road, it is never the easiest journey. “I think every band has had the shows especially early on in their careers where you end playing to an empty bar or club. We might have had a few of those back in the day when we first started touring, four people listening and two of them were bartenders. An empty room is a tough crowd, ha-ha. [we’ve] had to perform in front of one to three people many times in [our] lives, for various reasons and it never gets easier. The bigger the crowd the less nervous [we] get, it’s strange but true. When it’s fewer ears, [we’re] like, ‘they hear EVERYTHING!’”  

As the musical spectrum grows, SIR remains optimistic with a sense of realism to follow. “I think it’s easy for people to be nostalgic about how music and the business used to be. I think there are some incredible things about the music world today. You can access any song you want any time you want it. You can also find new artists more easily than ever before. That is what we are trying to do. The down side is there is so much music now, it’s sometimes hard to get heard through all of it.”

Summer movies are often time the best way to blow off some steam while on the road. “We haven’t made it to the movies this Summer, but we’re obsessed with Rachel Maddow and anxiously awaiting Game of Thrones.” By the old gods and the new, this is good to hear, only a few more weeks until it comes back.

Sarah’s duties keep her busy when she is not rocking out. “I’m the band chef and the art of food and drink is my forte. Luke and Keems are thankful. I’m never home so when I am, I’m HOME. Cooking, blasting music that I get to control, in my undies all day, HOME.” Luke, however, is relaxing outdoors all the while. “If it’s just a day off I’ve really gotten into golf lately. I love to get out there with a few friends, have some drinks and proceed to play like shit.”

SIR seem to always be always busy. “As we’re answering these questions we are currently getting our hurr did! Two of us have stylist girlfriends so it works out great. We have only released one song, Go, from the album we recorded. Our next big thing is to push our second single, So Cold, followed by the music video. Then its touring the rest of the year.” Music for music’s sake keeps the team in check as they progress. “We’ve always held to the belief that as long as we’re making music we love we’re doing exactly what we want to be doing.” Simple and sweet.

Jam on.

Give Go a watch and a listen below: