Interview – Sister Sparrow


Summer is in its final heated push and the music to come is still as strong as ever. For folks skeptical and pessimistic of the tunes breaking through this season, they have many reasons to be overjoyed this upcoming autumn. Sister Sparrow, who is famous for tracks such as Mama Knows from ‘The Weather Below’ released in 2015, is set to debut another bundle of goodies in ‘Gold’ this fall. True fans can pre-order here. As an added bonus, her latest soul-rock single, Ghostwas released today, which will be ideal for optimal listening pleasure from start to finish.

Overall, this new album will be a shift for her. “‘Gold’ is a bit of a departure from my previous records, especially in how it was made. I worked with a producer (Carter) here in Brooklyn, where we really worked as creative team for a few months to make this album. The music is still rooted in soul, r&b, and blues but with a lot of modern ideas and recording principals that I was introduced to in the studio.” A musical advancement is always promising. Ghost is a prime example of her growing flair. Sister Sparrow’s vocals shine with a deep spiritual shove all along with the captivating beats that travel right beside it. Alternative bits can be heard throughout with the ever-smooth guitar licks. The vocal harmonies flow in a way that entrances and encourages the listener to hit repeat. Every bit of the track is catchy and perfect for getting into the weekend vibes. Cue the ghost emoji. 

Within the craft, discoveries were made in this ambitious development. “While making ‘Gold’ I wanted to experiment with new ways of recording and writing, and really take my time in doing it. We played around with all sorts of new, for me, sounds that I was excited about trying. I feel like I really stepped outside my comfort zone and ‘went for it’ in ways that I haven’t ever done before.”

Supporting the music is a myriad of creative bits that complement it all. “We’ve been reworking all of our aesthetics to fit with my own personal evolution as a person and a musician. We’ve added a lot of gold and green everywhere and lightened up the overall look of the band. I’ve been working on a new wardrobe for stage as well, drawing inspiration from menswear and vintage jumpsuits!”

Hopes for the world leading up to 2019 are plentiful. “Oof, [there are] SO MANY hopes for the world for this year and beyond. I would love to see people coming together to take care of those in need instead of bickering about how or why. I would love for our children to be protected and for schools to be safe again. I would hope to see more understanding between those with differing opinions so that we can realize we’re all just living in the same scary world. It’s a tough question to answer briefly, but at the risk of sounding cliche, we need more love for each other across the board and across borderlines.”

Art and movies helps keep this musician going when she needs a break. “I love Banksy [and am looking forward to the flick] The Spy Who Dumped Me because I’m obsessed with Kate McKinnon and I love a good silly spy movie.” Who does not love Kate? Other mediums inspire her as well. “I’ve been wishing for a wheel to get back into throwing pottery. I used to LOVE doing that as a good challenge, I was always terrible at it, when not playing music. I also love oil painting, but I think I should stick with singing.”

As a band, the crew are essential for the growth of their sound. “[Our greatest strength is] each other. We definitely try to push each other in rehearsal to try things we’re not comfortable with. It always has an interesting, usually surprisingly good, effect.”

As the music world in itself continues to expand, it is hard to grasp and live within it. “I think it’s a crazy time we’re living in, where anything you could possibly want to hear is at your fingertips and usually even free. I think social media has completely changed the way we can interact and connect with our fans, and it’s an important thing to embrace. At first I was intimidated by the idea, but it’s pretty beautiful for the world to be getting smaller in this way. We are all super connected, and music is the greatest reason.”

Beyond ‘Gold’ more magic is set to come. “It’s a continuation of the album: bringing it to the stage. Over the next month I’ll be working with my band to bring an entirely new show to the stage to reflect our new sound’s marriage to our old sound.”

Jam On.

Give a listen and a watch to Ghost below: