Interview: Stevan Cablayan of Vector_XING

New music seems to be bubbling out from everywhere! Not that I am complaining, but it is just amazing how much stuff is funneling its way through. For example, last week I was introduced to a digital soul, LA-based, R&B, Electro duo Vector_XING, that comprises of singer/songwriter Stevan Cablayan and multi-instrumentalist Cameron McLain. Between the two, they create a uniquely amazing sound that ignites the spirit. Inspired by their tunes, I accepted a chance to chat with Stevan to hear more about this great project that is Vector_XING.

First off, I asked about their origin story. “We met in college and we talked about music but nothing came of it until we moved to LA. We began to use it as a creative outlet and we had this synergy that worked. It all melted nicely together. We wrote about 20 songs and we figured we had a nice catalogue to find a producer. Our goal is to create music that navigates the space between digital and organic. All of our songs are written on guitar or piano and formulated in an electronic mindset. The good thing is we can always go back to an acoustic format.” Covering both a classic and experimental approach is a practice that will only propel them forward. Throughout our talk, I could really sense the appreciation of all music within Stevan’s passion and understanding of the medium. I was impressed and was hopeful that they will be on the right path.

He went on to elaborate a bit more on his view on his methodology. “It gives it a little more flexibility with creativity and it is good to go back to the roots. It would have been hard to do a beat and write on top of it. We write lyrics and melodies and go on top of that.” What a perfect way to go. It seems to be working well for them. For example, their song Dipped-in-Blue is what got me hooked on their style. Dipped-in-Blue is extremely groovy with a neo soul vibe attached to it. Could they revitalize that lost genre? As they keep pushing those levels, I think they may create their own.

Vector_XING remain humble with the work they are doing at present. “Right now we are trying to establish ourselves and Soundcloud is a great way to do that. We have our EP set to drop at the end of October and videos soon will come along with it. These things will help show who we are and where we are coming from. We are artists with a strong point of view attempting to push the limits. It would be great to be commercially accepted, but the bigger goal is to be respected with our fellow artists. We want to push the envelope and have a stance to not be afraid to stand behind it and be open to who we are as artists. We are not afraid to be vulnerable.” Stevan and Cameron are here to pour out their hearts and will do it without fear in their eyes. All of their music will be their weapons of funk.

Even though they have been using assets like Soundcloud to get their jingles out into the world, Stevan remains cautious of the music world today. “I feel like there is a lot of connectivity in the world, but it is making us less connected as a society. Everything is so integrated in social media, technology and the Internet. We are losing our humanity and connection to emotion. We are losing that soulfulness. Sometimes it can be very artificial and critical to whom you think you are as a person. You need to keep being aware of yourself and to take notice of who you are and your emotions while being proud of it and celebrating it.”

He went on to explain more about music in the space. “I think its amazing how many resources there are for artists to get their stuff out there to open up to people who may have not had access before. At the same time with so much access, it is easier to forego the fundamental art of the track and how much work it takes to be a great artist. I know I am not at where I want to be because I still practice and have a lot of work to do to reach that point. There is a lot of aid through computers that are creating a lot of cool ways to create. You still need to interpret art and music while honing your craft as much as possible and rely on no one else but your own talent to get there.” With his hard work along with his partnership with Cameron, I have a feeling Vector_XING are well on their way.

There really is no better way to end it than Stevan’s praise of the artist. I think many musicians today could take a lesson from his philosophy. Vector_XING are coming into the music world proud and strong with something to say. Get ready to feel the power and give into the vibes they are about to release. Their fantastic music is perfect for this fall and we will need to dance. Please give them a listen and become a fan.

Check out some tunes below:

Jam On.




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