Interview: The Phryg


Discovering new music is always a very distinct and pleasurable feeling. Whether the artist is well known or not simply does not matter at all. What matters is that their music has entered the ear waves of yet another active listener. Early this week, the progressive funk band, The Phryg, gained some interest thanks to their groovy tune, Hello Miss, which will be released from their upcoming self-titled album set to be unveiled in July. To learn more about these guys, Collin Patierno, Bryan Walters, Mike Kirchhofer and Chris Plietz took some time to elaborate more on their musical career to date.

Music has always been their go to livelihood. “We are musicians and this is our bread and butter. Besides, we have way too much fun playing music and we’d like to keep it that way.” They will have no problem doing that.

The Phryg went on to explain a bit on their most prestigious work. “Our new album is by far our favorite project to date. The quality of the compositions backed by the state of the art recording and production is a fantastic combination that we are very proud of. This album will define us.” If the music is anywhere as wonderful as Hello Miss, listeners everywhere are going to enjoy a real treat this summer.

As musicians, their work takes them all over the place. The Phryg gave some insight on their memorable performances. “Any time we play with a great lineup of bands it’s an ideal performance. Festivals are great for this reason, too. The funk/prog/jam band community is very supportive of each other, so it’s wonderful whenever we can get a chance to get to know another band and watch each other’s performances. A lot of times, we’ll have members of those bands perform with us, too.” What a great sense of community spirit, got to love it.

However, not all shows are easy for the crew. “We travel a lot and sometimes, especially in new cities, we won’t be playing for the largest crowd. After traveling in a car for a few (or maybe more) hours, this can be frustrating. [However], you remember why you’re there and you play your heart out for that crowd. A lot of times it ends up being wonderful because most of the crowd ends up becoming fans (and then friends once we talk to them). Then the next time we come back to that city, it gets better and better.” Artists always have to keep moving forward and must keep that positive outlook alive. Luckily, The Phryg are doing just that.

As members of the music world, they gave their analysis of it all. “Mainstream music isn’t always the most exciting music to us, at least not since Prince or Michael Jackson ruled the airwaves, ha-ha. Many people still want to hear new, original and quality music. We like supporting blogs, magazines, radio stations and other media outlets that help get this quality of music to those types of listeners.”

Their new song Hello Miss is a very catchy tune. It starts off with some low funk that piques even the casual listener. The rolling keys overlaying the drums and bass give way to a great power. Wails and twangs make up the thrilling aspect of it all as vocals enter. Their yells and harmonies only amplify their sound as listeners are forced to bob their heads with ease. With a touch of reggae and a funk feel, the urge to daydream a bit is encouraged once the full throttle of the organ pulls ahead. Everything is just marvelous with this jingle and the four-piece lets their listeners know it within.

The Phryg are always trying to explore their music skills. “We’re definitely going to make Chris play the keytar standing up one of these days, ha-ha. Seriously, we finally have the band we’ve been meaning to have for years, so now it’s time to really boogie.”

Collin went on to share his thoughts of his inspiration in music. “All artists and things in general teach something. Only some inspire. So when I feel in the zone, embraced by that irregular feeling, I’ll know I’ve reached inspiration. It’s a healthy addiction that I most commonly find through live music and always enjoy seeking it out.” That is some deep stuff right there. Collin then gave a schedule of the rest of his day. “I will pretend to go back to work but will instead be singing new song ideas into my voice memo app.” Living the life of an artist, through and through.

The Phryg remain busy. “After releasing the new album and a supporting music video, getting new merchandise, and touring extensively over the next few months, we will be revealing the story of Phrygie and his quest for funk. Stay tuned.” Also, if NYC listeners are free tomorrow night, Thursday April 28th, the crew will be giving a full taste of their glory at The Paper Box. Music fans are highly recommended to go check them out and become fans.

Each one of these musicians are dedicated to their craft and will be making more music magic to come. Give them a listen, see them live and keep an ear out for their soon to be classic album coming out this summer. Everyone needs to Phryg in their lives now.


Jam On.