Interview – The Trongone Band

Listeners are still on the prowl for the next music fix and luck is on their side this summer. Music fans need to search no further, for, at the end of June, one such musical crew unveiled some ideal tunes to sate listening appetites. The Trongone Band, in all their bearded glory, released their latest LP, ‘Keys to the House’ and it is right up the ally for all listeners to enjoy in full splendor. Drawing from funk, blues, americana and southern rock, the four men are well on their way for a memorable summer. Andrew Trongone from the group gave his take on their adventures so far and elaborated a bit on the LP as a whole.

Overall, the music was the key that pushed their LP to new heights. “[I love] the sound, we wanted a very specific vintage yet modern sound. [I] wouldn’t say there’s any favorite bit, each song is it’s own story; all coming together like pieces to a puzzle, or keys to the house, ha-ha! [As for] new, we certainly didn’t reinvent the wheel, but I would say we’ve created something different, yet familiar, drawing from all the influences we love.”

Show dreams are plentiful for the musician. “A performance on some sort of late night show would be really cool, Red Rocks would also be nice. Getting to play at an ancient Monastery in Orvieto, Italy was certainly one for the books though.”

Despite the magic that is created, it is not always easy out in the wild. “We always try to play with the same energy and intensity no matter what the crowd is, though playing to nobody is pretty tough and we’ve all done that at some point, ha-ha!” Within the musical spectrum, Andrew has been enjoying it. “It’s great, there’s so much out there right now and easily accessible. So much is happening in every part. It’s a really cool time.”

Beyond music, Mr. Trongone thinks he will stay inside the medium for the time being, but has some ambitious plans for down the line. “… We all have a lot of different interests. We maybe [will include] a second guitarist, some horns, or background singers could be cool. [It’s] hard to say. We have a good chemistry right now and [I] wouldn’t want to shake it up.”

Jam on.

Give a watch and a listen to Anne Marie below:



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