Interview: Ursae


With the chilly weather returning in full swing, it is time to step up the hibernation game. However, such a desire for warmth can equally be sated via some new tunes along the way. Ursae, also known as (Andrew Campbell), is an avant-pop musician who has situated himself to being the saving grace for the lingering days of staying indoors. To gain a better understanding of his style and artistic progression to date, the man took some time to share a bit of his musical journey.

Music seemed to captivate him easily from the start and from a place that only he can feel. He attempted to try and explain out how it all began. “I wish I knew so I could logically talk myself out of it… Nah, music’s tough, but it comes from somewhere in me that’s pretty unknowable. It just is.” A response from a true artist through and through.

Mr. Campbell has a lot of great work coming down the pipe, he mentioned his favorite project thus far. “This EP [Ursae] for sure. I paid attention to it, the process of making it in a way that I hadn’t with any music before. It feels so much more deliberate than anything I’ve ever done.” Listen to the tracks Likeness (currently streaming via The Wild Honey Pie) and So Green Her Eyes from Pancakes and Whiskey.

From here, Ursae has ambitions in regard to certain performances to come. “I’ve low-key always wanted to make a video with La Blogothèque. There’s something like, supremely charming about their early content, like right as I was discovering Bon Iver, Beirut and Fleet Foxes in high school. It’d be amazing to get that stripped-down Parisian flavor into some of my songs.” Listeners will be sure to flock to these tunes when they are made into this musical reality someday. When asked if he would modify his music at all, the man was blunt. “Fuck that, I want my music to sound exactly the same for all eternity. Zero artistic growth, ever.” Somehow that works.

As an active musician, it is not always fun and games. “I did a show in Greenpoint a few years ago with my old band, in which I was the lead singer and the drummer. We went for drinks beforehand, and then when we got to the venue, they didn’t have any backline at all, so I improvised and did an acoustic set by myself. I was kind of drunk, and on top of that I hadn’t really rehearsed any of the guitar parts. It was bad. It was a serious bummer.”

In the music world, Ursae gave his take on it’s wild developments. “We’re living in a golden era of music for sure, especially on a technological level. The way we create music, and the way we consume music, is changing every day. As long as the industry can continue to adapt, we’ll all be just fine.”

Beyond music, Andrew has various curiosities in his head. “I like to think I’d make a good actor or comedian, but who knows? It all depends on what I’m feeling inspired by, and what opportunities come up.” Influences are plentiful as he explores the space. “I have serious respect for Donald Glover’s entrepreneurial spirit, Frank Ocean and Hannibal Buress, just because.”

Naturally, Ursae never slows down at all. “I gotta do laundry. Oh, and then I need to pick up my bike from the shop… I’m getting ready to work on a couple records for some friends this summer… After that, who knows?”

Keep an eye out for his debut EP, Ursae, (set to be released February 24th), or better yet, go see this musician in action. Listeners will be glad they did. Stay warm and groovy this winter in the best way possible.

Jam on.

Photo Credit: Ross Perkel