Interview: Violet Rose

People need a distraction today. What better way to do this than with some great tunes from a superb entertainer? One such musician that can help in this regard is none other than the future-pop sensation, Violet Rose. Her flair as a performing artist and musical talent are sure to lift up the spirits of many. Not only is her skill apparent, but her appreciation for the musical medium is profound as well. She took some time to give listeners a glimpse of her inner workings.

To start, music was an easy addition into her life. “I truly believe it all comes down to passion, whether it is performing, writing or recording in the studio. You have to honestly love what you do and be willing to fight for your art no matter what. I love being an artist.” It shows in her work all the way through.

Violet is always on the move and shared her enthusiasm for her new music soon to come this year. “My favorite work I have done so far is writing and working on my new EP that will be released in 2017. I have never felt so honest and so excited about the music I have been performing. I have never worked so hard in my life. I believe your best work is when you hold absolutely nothing behind and let yourself embrace everything that is going on your life. Allow yourself to flourish in struggle, heartbreak and happiness.” Listeners will surely be satisfied.

Violet Rose’s showmanship is her next best thing. She mentioned her love for it. “My current performance is by far my favorite show I have done to date. The big sound created by my amazing team of producers combined with choreography is so exhilarating. It allows me to perform as I have envisioned since I started singing to an audience. I cannot wait to see it on a big stage.”

While most of the work on the road is a great adventure, it is not always easy. “Being a performer for over a decade has led to many struggles and adversities… If you love it enough you can pick yourself up the next day and decide to even work harder. One performance with my first project, I completely lost my voice midway through a four-hour gig. My dear brother, Vince Cuneo, had to sing the rest of the show for me. Thank goodness he could do it and was fearless. He is a huge part of Violet Rose and it is amazing to see how far we have come since those days.”

As a participant in the ever changing music world, Violet Rose gave her take on the chaotic space. “I think music is constantly evolving and changing and I think it is exciting. I love channeling new sounds and hearing what new technology can do. The music world is challenging, but that is because there is so much incredible talent everywhere. There are new artists creating ground breaking material every day. Instead of facing it like a competition, I think it is best to make it inspire you and fuel your fire.” There is so much good art being made, it is hard not to soak it up.

Music seems to be the main medium for this woman, although she has other ambitions as well. “I do believe I will get more into production on my project as times goes on, but my heart will always lie in the performance and writing of the music. I know my music will always grow and expand. The beauty of doing electronic and pop is that your sound is limitless. You do not have to follow any guidelines. You just have to follow where the song leads you and trust what your heart and gut tells you.”

Inspiration comes easily for the musician. “… I am inspired by so many incredible artists. Just to name a few; Halsey, Beyonce, Little Dragon, Banks, Sade and the late incomparable Billie Holiday. I love many styles of music. I think it is so important to appreciate and respect different art. Listening openly and judgement free has greatly helped my writing.”

Violet Rose has not slowed down in the least. “In the past few days, I released my single Repeat and performed my music live for the first time. In a few hours, I will be shooting a music video for a new song in a beautiful theater in Manhattan. I will be working with the incredibly talented Dave Prokopec, who also directed my first music video for my single Working Hard. Next week I will be moving to Los Angeles. Right now, I am focused on my next release, but we are already started working on new material. When you finish one project, you are already starting the next. Like I tell all my fans, I call Rosebuds, you have to keep pushing yourself every day for your dreams to become a reality.”

Well, that is exactly what music fans need to hear. The efforts of a dedicated musician honing her craft well and with an immense purpose is needed more than ever. Music needs to thrive and the only way to do it is by talent like Violet Rose. Give her a listen and be happy today!

Jam On.  



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