Islands to Release Dual Albums Taste and Should I Remain Here at Sea?


“The Joke” by Islands from Taste

Track Review:

Barracuda sounds and tough guitar direction introduce “The Joke” – “old men in bed by ten, the jokes on me” – is that society distorts reality. From the start, Islands note that life is not a dream, that reality can be a bad bag because “…there are some things that we just don’t want to see.” All we are really left with are our memories, our experiences. So, if one assumes “The Joke” then they can fit in, but Islands shows the conscious individual would rather burn it all down.

Collin Robinson said, “[The Joke] is some of the most danceable rock I’ve heard in quite some time, but the lyrics belie the title and sound for a palpable, wonderful tension… It calls attention to the ugly parts of living in this world that we don’t want to acknowledge…” (StereoGum). Robinson also noted that Islands has two albums set to drop this spring season: Should I Remain Here at Sea? and Taste.

Album Release:

Taste, including released tracks “Charm Offensive” and “The Joke,” is expected to release fully 13 May 2016 for $7.99 on iTunes, or $1.29 per track. Should I Remain Here at Sea?, including released tracks “Back into It” and “Christmas Tree,” is also expected to release on 13 May 2016, twin pricing.


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