Junk Son – “True”

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London based experimental electronic quintet Junk Son (lead by John Dunk) have just released a cosmic atmospheric new single “True” (which can be listened to below via SoundCloud) which will be on the group’s upcoming EP “Eyes Shut” which will be out on December 4th via 37 Adventures.

In a way when I hear this track in its ethereal night time wonder I get a picture of a Middle Eastern desert in the middle of the night with young dancers moving elegantly and seductively across the dunes. It brilliantly weaves ancient sounding music in with more modern genres in such a way that it creates something entirely new. Noisey goes into further detail saying:

Premiering below is “True,” an atmospheric cut with lickety-click beats and band member Amy Spencer’s disembodied vocals sounding sheet-rumpled sexy. Think Slime, think Portishead, thing Massive Attack, think Deptford Goth. It’s a moodily downtempo kind of pop-tronica. And there’s more where that came from—his Eyes Shut EP is also well worth a spin.

The mystique and hypnotic melodies of “True” will certainly having you coming back for more just so that you might have a better chance of uncovering all the secrets it has to offer.


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