Kidnap – Start Again (Macious Remix)

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Offered on June 4th, 2020 as a free download on SoundCloud, the luscious rework aims to motivate and inspire. 

Speaking about the remix, Macious explains,
“Kidnap is one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to electronic music. Following him from the early stages of making music I always looked up to his sound and the euphoric feelings he can evoke in his productions. The remix came about when Kidnap released some stems to his songs via his Instagram stories and this was my moment where I reached out and got the chance to remix his song “Start Again”, which to me is not only my favourite song of his, but this track itself has such a big personal meaning.
“The lyrics directly spoke to me as I was quite exhausted from recent events and big changes that had occurred in my life. “Cause it feels like, we both need a friend” – even though I felt disconnected at this moment, the song reminds me that I’m restarting myself again, and I’m very grateful for that. 
I hope listeners will feel motivating energy whilst listening to my interpretation of the original.” 

Originating from the hallowed turf of Berlin, and now based in Manchester, the young producer has an academic diploma in Electronic Music that has led him on a path of stripped back and playful melodic house, disco and techno. His most recent releases, the bright remix for Golden Bantic’s ‘Simmer Down’ landed number one on both the Hype Machine main & remix charts.

His clever and unique live performances using a variety of synths display not only Mark’s catalogue of eclectic and well thought out tracks but also his deep understanding of creating moving, smiling, educated dance…


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